Residents found out on which houses the CPK will build the tracks. “We won’t be fired for money” – Wprost

When in May we visited residents whose homes were located on the line of the high-speed railway planned by STH, it was not yet clear which variant would be announced as an investor variant. It was known that a crossroads would be built at Stare Budy, and the lanes would be crossed by the house of the mayor, Marek Staniaszek and his neighbors. Later the tracks could either cut through the new Witkowice or Brzeziny housing estate. In the end, the W31 variant was chosen, that is, the one in which the inhabitants of not only Brzeziny, but also Mileszki in Łódź and dozens of other towns will lose their homes.

Among them is Małgorzata, who must lose his stable, at his neighbor the tracks must cut the house and the field in half, then the line passes through the recently completed house and all the others to the station, which can be built on the site of the house of Marzena and Paweł. The CPK company said that the announcement of the investor variant was a success which took place exactly one year after the conclusion of the preparatory work contract. It boasted of a “record pace”, which “for many years” had not been “recorded with such large investments”.

The announcement also stated that the “recommended route of the new line” between Warsaw and Łódź had been “selected from four options”, a number of analyses, including a “multi-criteria analysis”, had been carried out before. And in doing so, “social and environmental factors” were taken into account. “The variant chosen (W31) is the most favorable layout of the new line. It guarantees the smallest collision with development, the shortest travel times and the lowest construction costs,” says CPK.

Residents of Brzeziny want to fight to the end

After the announcement of such a decision, a boom in Brzeziny. Małgorzata, who leads the protesting residents, announces that things will not let up. – We intend to break the CPK and Mr. Horała – he said militant. And he tells us that no one informed the locals about Marcin Horała’s press conference, but they learned about it through social networks. Who could, this one went to Łódź. Residents appeared at the conference with banners and organizers had to try to hide the protesters.

– I felt like someone ripped my heart out. I had darkness before my eyes, I thought it was over. The feelings are terrible. Always when you hear it, how it’s said, with what a smile on your face. Man’s blood is flooded – says Małgorzata. – We will fight until the end. Don’t expect them to have a quiet countryside. We will be everywhere, we will tell everyone what he is doing and how he behaves – he announces.

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Residents still believe that CPK takes care of everything behind their backs, even though the company boasts of extensive media consultations. – We don’t want money, we want peace. Just let them go, because this is no place for such investments – says Małgorzata. – No one can be expropriated here. We will not be fired for money, I will fight to the last drop of blood – he adds.

Relief in Witkowice, but no optimism

The chosen investor variant avoids the south of Brzeziny, where the tracks had to cross the new housing estate of Witkowice, then several buildings and a historic cemetery. – There is a feeling of relief, because not us, but on the other hand, I have in mind what happened in Konstantynów. The investor variant was also chosen there, but after strong protests the investor decided to return to the original plan. A similar situation can be here – observes Marek, who lives in Witkowice.

– After all, this plan was not abandoned – he emphasizes. – But it’s all about hitting the ball on the principle that if it’s not us, then they are. And it shouldn’t be like that. You should choose an option that people will agree with – he adds. And he admits that in Witkowice, too, the news of the choice of the variant spread by word of mouth and that the inhabitants learned about the decision during the conference.

The problem, however, is not just for residents of towns that lie between Łódź and Warsaw, as the CPK plans to build a total of nearly 2,000 kilometers of railway lines, marked by dozens of towns and thousands of homes. . This is why, last Friday, there was a national demonstration against the CPK.

CPK boasts of consultations

The CPK company, however, boasts of having carried out consultations “with the local authorities and the inhabitants of all the municipalities” by which the proposed variants ran. To this end, the CPK company organized 25 open consultation meetings and two series of meetings with the intendants of 21 municipalities. During this time, the STH received almost 19 thousand. opinions and comments that were taken into account in the multi-criteria analysis,” explains CPK.

In May, CPK spokesman Konrad Majszyk explained to us that the company did not want to dismantle the houses. – It’s the other way around, i.e. we plan to minimize potential collisions with buildings. But let’s be honest: we cannot rule out that they will take place – he said. – All public consultations to date are an additional and non-mandatory element of the investment process, which results from the good will of the investor and his desire to ensure transparency – he added.

He also informed that the final routes of the railway lines will be known “after the location decisions are made”, and this should happen in 2023. – This is not the end of the consultation. Residents and local government officials will be able to participate in consultations and submit comments also at the stage of publication of environmental decisions by the Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection – he assured. – I would venture to say that to date no construction site in Poland has been consulted so comprehensively as STH Investments – he estimated.

And then ? “In the next stage, the investor variant, as well as two alternative variants, will be presented by the CPK company in the application for the so-called environmental decision to the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection (RDOŚ). This is the stage before obtaining the so-called location decision and building permit, and its subsequent implementation.The schedule assumes that the high-speed line between Warsaw West and Łódź Fabryczna will be launched simultaneously with the port of solidarity,” reads the CPK announcement.

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