Samsung’s latest Ms. Discover the Galaxy M23 5G and M53 5G

The need to introduce mid-range devices generates the production of more and more new smartphones that compete for the title of most desirable. We present the models in this article Galaxy M23 and Galaxy M53which had their Polish premiere in April this year.

New models in the Galaxy M range

When, more than 10 years ago, a Korean company Samsung released the first models of the series Galaxy, they immediately became flagship devices. The next generations of the model S to this day they compete with iPhoneoffering new and extraordinary solutions for users.

Over time, as smartphone technology began to develop, there was a need to produce good smartphones that would meet consumer needs, but at a slightly lower price. The appearance of models last year Galaxy M was a cheaper alternative to models ANDwhich dominated the mid-price shelf.

This year, the manufacturer provided Galaxy M23 5G and M53 5G in screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Both models are characterized by a decent battery, the ability to charge quickly, optimal performance and aesthetic appearance. What may speak to their disadvantage is the lack of water resistance and the possibility of inductive charging.

One UI version 4.1, running on Android 12 it is transparent and aesthetic. The smoothness of the animation at the screen refresh rate of 120 hertz looks extremely favorable, and the ability to customize the smartphone will certainly appeal to people who like to adapt the devices to their needs and personality.

Samsung Galaxy M23 5G

Model Galaxy M23 is a smartphone weighing 198 g with a memory 4 GB of RAM and memory 128 GB flashas well as a Snapdragon 750 processor and a network-enabled modem 5G. Advantage M23especially for professional users, is Dual-SIM.

Galaxy M23 It features a slightly protruding vertical body with three lenses: 50.0 Mpix main, 8.0 Mpix ultra wide-angle and 2.0 Mpix macro. These cameras are supported by a single LED lighting device. The front camera is housed in a teardrop notch which is in keeping with current trends. Photos taken M23 they are very correct in the price range offered, the same goes for video recording.

The case, although not a noble glass, looks very aesthetic. Plastic imitating glass captures light perfectly, and the material itself does not get dirty or scratched. The side edges of the smartphone are reminiscent of satin and go well with the matte back. The phone feels great in the hand, and you should keep that in mind Galaxy M23 there is a lot 6.6″ screen.

Galaxy M23 received a TFT LCD, but in Full HD + resolution, which may slightly comfort people who expect AMOLED in this place.

To the benefits Samsung Galaxy M23 the efficiency of the cooling system must be taken into account, since the device does not heat up excessively during intensive work.

Smartphone gaming enthusiasts will not be very disappointed. Games look good and the smartphone has no major performance issues. Cloud gaming may encounter a minor inconvenience due to the average Wi-Fi module which has relatively low range – both at 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

The large screen, although very convenient for watching movies or reading articles, can be inconvenient for people who would like to be able to use the smartphone with one hand. That is why Galaxy M23 was equipped with one-handed modewhich shrinks the image and snaps it to one of the corners. The reduced image can be scaled as desired later. An additional advantage of working with this smartphone is the ability to call up certain functions by repeatedly pressing the power button. It’s an interesting alternative to the Edge panel available in flagships.

Samsung Galaxy M23 offers the possibility of unlocking the phone with a fingerprint, located on the right edge with the power button. You can also unlock your phone with a face reader.

Smartphone battery with a capacity 5000mAh makes a good impression – especially since it does not significantly affect the size of the device, which is generally thin and light. With standard use, the smartphone can withstand two incomplete days, as long as the Internet works via Wi-Fi, and not 5G.

Samsung equipped Galaxy M23 in a mono speaker, which is characterized by a high volume, while the sound in the headphones can successfully delight the average user. The sound is full and the bass is pleasantly smooth.

In general, Samsung Galaxy M23 is a beautiful smartphone that can compete with devices in its price range.

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G

The second of the products Galaxy M at the very beginning he made an impression by proposing a goal with a resolution 108 Mpix and a big battery 5000mAh with fast charging 25 watt. Smartphone weighing 176 grams with memory 6 or 8 GB RAM and memory 128 GB flash features a MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor that supports an integrated modem 5G. The model also offers Dual-SIM.

Until recently, cameras with a resolution of 108 Mpix were reserved for the upper price segment Samsung. However, the manufacturer decided to mount it in the rear camera Galaxy M53 5Gand earlier in Galaxy A73 5G.

The camera itself is encased in a square block, slightly protruding above the case, but in the same color, giving it aesthetic consistency. The high resolution and f/1.8 aperture allow you to take a decent photo, although the manufacturer doesn’t mention optical image stabilization. Along with the main camera, there are three more – 8 Mpix with an ultra-wide angle lens and 2 Mpix for depth metering and the same for macro shots. The front of the phone is equipped with a 32 Mpix camera, which is placed in a round hole in the upper part of the screen.

Phone coverage is as it is with Galaxy M23, very aesthetic. Despite the use of plastic, it feels like a premium phone thanks to the imitation glass and contoured edges that sit well in the hand. Unlike the smartphone described above, it has a glossy back.

Galaxy M53 was equipped with a screen Super AMOLED Full HD+which impresses with a riot of colors, excellent brightness levels, deep blacks and wide viewing angles, which is becoming a standard for AMOLED screens.

The device, thanks to the 120 hertz processor, works smoothly and without disturbances even when using various applications simultaneously, but consumes a little more battery than at reduced frequencies, for example, up to 90 Hz.

Same as Galaxy M23and this one has been equipped with a decent cooling system that keeps the temperature of the smartphone under control even during heavy usage of the device.

In terms of performance, the phone is positioned as quite decent. It does not generate major problems when switching between applications, games or unlocking the phone. Here it should be noted that the phone unlock sensor behaves slightly better than in M23.

The battery of this smartphone lasts approximately a day of intensive use. This is particularly encouraging for people who like to have long conversations, browse the Internet and take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the device.

To summarize, Samsung Galaxy M53 is a beautiful smartphone that falls within its price category.

Which smartphone to choose? A brief summary

If you’re wondering which smartphone takes the best photos, the settings show your choice Galaxy M53. It is a smartphone with a good camera that takes aesthetic photos at an attractive price. Guided by which smartphone has the better battery, they both technically have the same thing, however, the slightly different functioning of the two devices must be taken into account.

Both phones are quite similar to each other. Price differences may result from camera capabilities, RAM memory capacity and other processors.

If you are looking for a smartphone whose price does not exceed 2000 PLN, this is Samsung Galaxy M23 may turn out to be a good option. However, if you can afford a little more and want a better camera and better RAM, we highly recommend it. Samsung Galaxy M53.

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