Synology Introduces New DVA1622 Series NVR

Synology today announced the launch of the DVA1622 NVR, expanding its line of deep learning network video recorders for small deployments. The manufacturer has already launched the DVA3221 four-bay device, giving small and medium-sized businesses access to an artificial intelligence-based surveillance solution.

The DVA1622 model allows home users, shop owners and others to use two simultaneous smart analytics tasks while monitoring up to 16 cameras at the same time in the smallest possible device. But that’s not all. Unlike its bigger sibling, the DVA1622 supports HDMI output for up to 16 streams to one display and local control via two USB ports, eliminating the need for IT monitoring and deployment management. Deep Video Analysis (DVA) jobs can help improve security by actively recognizing specific threats based on your configuration. They can also reduce the effort needed to secure facilities by providing more accurate and filtered alarms, such as warning users that only people or vehicles are moving.

Synology DVA1622 enables AI-based video surveillance for homes and small businesses.

Deep learning analytics can help automate certain aspects of facility management, such as identifying authorized people or calculating occupancy. It should also help generate statistics and other useful information. Receiving timely alerts is key to preventing intrusions. With one or two of DVA’s tasks, owners can transform their surveillance system from a simple surveillance log into a proactive threat detection tool that alerts you when suspicious activity is detected. Many homes have poorly secured gardens, driveways, sheds and roofs at ground level, making it easy for a thief to get inside. However, setting motion detection for open areas can lead to many false notifications as pets, vendors, and other factors trigger the alarms.

The DVA1622 supports an intrusion detection function that can correctly identify the situation and the direction in which people or vehicles cross the boundaries of the predefined area, such as the top of a fence. People and vehicle detection scans cameras for people or cars and alerts you when they enter or remain in an area for a specified period of time. CCTV not only helps protect businesses, but also allows you to manage your facilities more efficiently. DVA functions help identify people near the facility, so you can ensure only personnel enter restricted areas, occupancy limits are not exceeded, and there are no there are no unauthorized vehicles in the private car parks.

Facial recognition allows businesses to build a visitor and employee database and automatically identify visitors who require special attention or are unemployed in restricted areas. People counting can be used to calculate the number of guests as well as the total number of people present in the building. When too many people enter a certain area, congestion alerts can alert employees on the spot. Using license plate recognition, the DVA1622 can alert owners when non-member or employee vehicles are in the parking lot.

The DVA1622 comes with the Surveillance Station 9.0 video management system. With support for over 8,300 new and legacy cameras, plus more ONVIF-compliant models, migrating from other solutions is very easy. Simple setup wizards automate setup, allowing you to quickly get your device up and running. Surveillance Station also offers integration with I/O modules, audio systems, door controllers, and other surveillance devices to make security systems truly interactive, as well as with other Synology systems.

Surveillance data is safe in the event of an outage with automatic backup to Synology NAS and dual recording from IP cameras to second device or cloud with C2 Surveillance service. It’s easy to protect your videos from theft, piracy or unauthorized use with hardware and device encryption, HTTPS and SRTP support, live watermarking and integrity authentication tools . The DVA1622 is now available from Synology resellers and partners. The technical data of the equipment is available on this link.

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