“The ex-husband thought we would become lovers. He was spying on me and sending anonymous emails. My second husband was furious.” Real Life

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A year ago, I was living with my second husband and our seven-year-old daughter on the outskirts of town, in a quaint but somewhat remote area. I was very satisfied with it for a long time, because I love nature and I don’t like noise.

In early spring, I received a strange e-mail from an address I don’t know. Someone wrote that he constantly thinks about me, can’t imagine life without me, and is consumed with jealousy because I sleep with other people. Later, I also picked up some deaf calls. At first, I didn’t care. However, as the messages and phone calls started to repeat, my imagination was in full swing. And soon, behind every tree and bush, I began to imagine a… well, who? The lonely neighborhood has become a curse for me.

My anxiety grew week by week

In the end, I decided to fix the problem. Prevention is better than cure.
– You think we’re in danger? – One day my husband looked in surprise at the folders I had altered with heavy, old-fashioned shutters that didn’t fit our modern home at all. – You want to turn this place into a defensive fortress? After all, we already have a burglar alarm.
“Before security arrives, then…” I bit my tongue because I didn’t want to tell him about these strange incidents.
– So what? He frowned, as if he suspected something. – Kasia, is something going on?

I sighed loudly. In fact, why not tell him everything? Maybe he can do something. Maybe it will make me feel safer… So I showed my husband the emails and told me about the calls.
“It doesn’t make sense,” he said. – Either someone takes you for someone, or it’s shit.
The same day, Maciek contacts his friend, an internet specialist. The other checked what was needed and called the next day. It turned out that all emails were sent
various internet cafes.
“I have a stalker,” I groaned.
– Do you plan to notify the police?

My husband looked at me intently, as if wondering if I was hiding some wacky admirer in my closet. At a social event at Iza’s, I told my friends what was going on with us. Our friend Iza, a lawyer at the prosecutor’s office, listened to me carefully, then ruled:
– There are no threats here, just the nostalgic moans of an asshole in lovehas. Phone calls from the deaf are disturbing, but you can’t do anything about it. The guy is smart, he communicates through cafes. It would be possible to catch it, but too expensive. Give it up for now. And be careful. And you, she looked at me sternly, remember all the guys you flirted with.

The husband cleared his throat considerably.
– Don’t be naive – Iza asked him. “The mere fact that you are a second husband proves that he was even a first before you.” By the way, Kaśka, how is he?
– Why would she know? growled Maciek, who was still petulant about my ex-husband. Maybe because Olgierd was first in every way. First love, kiss, night. Beautiful memories…

The first marriage was a mistake

Later it got a little worse, especially after the wedding. When the erotic fascination disappeared, it turned out that we didn’t have much in common. And since we did not yet have children or greater wealth, we simply parted calmly and amicably with each other. After some time I met Maciek, who turned out to be the only one, and Olgierd went to Italy for a contract, fell in love and got married there. We don’t contact each other, but we also have no regrets for each other. Simply – everyone started their own life.

After leaving Iza, I thought long and hard. I was troubled by all this… At night, I lay in my husband’s arms, trying to sleep, but I couldn’t. The wide-open windows let in the fragrant summer air, and somewhere in the distance the nightingales were singing. And even deep in my heart, I felt anxiety.
– Take a vacation – Maciek finally said. – Julka will go to her grandmother on vacation in a week. You’re as tight as a safety pin.
“Then untie me,” I whispered softly, biting his earlobe.

A week later, I was home alone. My husband didn’t come home from work until late afternoon. Every day, I lounged on the terrace, doing my late reading. In the evening, candlelight dinners, erotic games with my husband. The emails stopped coming, the phone was silent… The stress was gone. Could there be a better vacation?

One of the penultimate days off, the sun was very hot. I installed my deckchair on the terrace. Protected on all sides by high cedars, I decided to sunbathe naked. It’s true that I could be seen from the windows of a neighboring house, but the owners have just gone on vacation. It would therefore be a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity.

After about 15 minutes a security car drove past our property. Then another. 20 minutes later, I heard the doorbell. “What’s new?” – I thought. I got dressed and went to open it.
– This man says that you will explain everything to us – I heard the guard of the company which guarded the field. He gestured to the guy standing behind him. I was stunned. It was my… ex-husband.
“Tell them I’m not a thief,” I heard his pleading voice. – I just wanted to watch you. Those e-mails and silent calls are me too. Don’t be afraid, you are safe. We just need to talk. I’ll go crazy if you won’t listen to me.

He broke into the villa next door to spy on me

The one thing he hadn’t anticipated – the neighbors had installed a silent alarm, which quietly alerted nearby security. I made an appointment the next day at a café in the Place du Marché. The hardest part was convincing Maciek to let me go. It has foam.
– Are you insane? He cried. – It’s a monster ! He is crazy! You’re not going anywhere!
I managed to negotiate that when I talk to Olgierd the next day, Maciek would sit down two tables away.

And he sat down – grumpy and angry, looking at Olgierd like an angry tiger, but at least he didn’t interfere in the conversation. And this one was really…weird. Olgierd looked like a twelve-year-old boy who had done a lot of mischief and finally decided to admit it all. It even made me laugh. But what he was saying wasn’t so funny anymore.
– As you know, after my divorce I went to Italy with a contract. There I met Sophia, we fell in love, we got married. I founded the company, I succeeded. So I have money, a beautiful wife and three children. I was really happy. But one day I started browsing some old stuff from Poland and saw an album of our photos. I looked at you and suddenly… I don’t understand, but I felt that I wanted to look at you. Talk to you. Make love. I started dreaming that we would become lovers. I started to think maybe you still miss me. Then I myself believed in my inventions. I neglected my work, I avoid my children. Sophia realized that something was wrong with me because I couldn’t make love to her anymore. It is a disaster. You don’t even know how quarrelsome Italian women can be – he sighed. – Kasia, I know time can’t go back, but I can’t stand it.
“And I acted like a freak, a stalker,” said my current husband’s mocking voice above us. “Enough of this good,” he added and sat down at the table, taking my hand with the owner’s gesture. Olgierd grimaced.

I felt good – here I am, the object of desire for two men. But it only lasted a moment. Because I knew what was really going on. When we were still together, we still argued. For various reasons, but mainly because Olgierd always wanted what others had. Before the wedding, he courted me. After the wedding, he put me aside. I saw the looks he gave to other women, especially the busier ones. His mother told me he had been like that since he was a child. Already in elementary school, he was called a breakfast thief, because he stole sandwiches from children and threw his own in the trash.
“The breakfast thief is back,” I said softly, and saw Olgierd suddenly begin to understand.
– Shit ! He moaned and covered his face.

My ex went back to his wife and started seeing a therapist

I wrote a letter to Sophie in which I revealed to her – like a woman to a woman – Olgierd’s secret. She replied that she had already prepared a list of things she would do to him her husband was never sure if she really belonged to him. Something like this will be useful for every woman.

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