Where is the storm? Will there be a strong wind? Google Play Gold #90

The best weather forecast apps from Google Play
The Google Play Store is a goldmine, but finding useful apps or well-made Android games is quite a challenge. That’s why every weekend I share finds and news from Google Play that I find valuable and useful. During the last week of May, we answer some disturbing questions. Where is the storm? Will there be wind? What are the chances of rain?

It was supposed to be summer, and every few days we get RCB warnings of hazardous weather. If it’s not a storm, it’s a wind. If it’s not windy, it’s a downpour. That’s why, at the end of May, I offer weather applications. Thanks to them you will find out whether it is worth planning a bike trip or whether you have to carry all the pots from the balcony to the apartment again. In addition, in these applications you will find a lot of additional information, such as dust and air quality.

Storm Monitor – And you already know if the storm is coming

Price: 0 PLN with advertising, 13.99 PLN without advertising. Download from Google Play

Storm Monitor - an in-app report for Android

Where is the storm? Hundreds of people ask themselves this question when they receive another RCB warning. Application storm monitor he will answer this question with precision and speed. The app gets information from the lightning monitoring network so you can see where the storm is heading in near real time. In addition, there is information on precipitation and satellite images of clouds, made in the visible and infrared. Community members also post photos of the weather here, so you can see what hail has fallen across the country. The most important here, in my opinion, are notifications – you can immediately get information about an impending storm and nearby lightning.

Storm Monitor for Android - settings and weather maps

The free app displays small advertisements. You can get rid of it with a one-time purchase.

Meteo ICM – The best forecasts in Poland

Price: PLN 0. Download for free on Google Play

Meteo ICM - an example of a meteogram in the application

The weather simulation carried out by the Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computer Modeling at the University of Warsaw is a masterpiece. For years, he had the opinion of the best prediction in the country. You can check the numerical forecast for the selected location in the app ICM Weather. This simple tool shows the forecasts directly from the University of Warsaw in a much more accessible form than the meteograms (graphs with complex graphics) generated by the numerical model. It is much more convenient than spying on the ICM side in a mobile browser. Of course, if you wish, you can also display the traditional meteogram, maps and read weather forecasts, as well as activate notifications about major weather changes.

Meteo ICM - weather forecast app for Android

It does not fail to choose the nearest square according to the GPS indications – the UM model divides the map into squares of 4 km side. Or, you can search for a location manually and check the forecast in a remote location. The forecast goes back 60-72 hours in advance.

3D Earth – See wind and precipitation in 3D

Price: 0 PLN, optional subscription. Download from Google Play

3D Earth for Android - Weather Forecast

3D earth is a visually very appealing weather map. The globe is rendered as if we were viewing it from space, and artificial lights on the surface of our planet are also taken into account. There are also detailed weather maps for 150,000 places on Earth. The data also includes road visibility, UV index, air quality, state of the ozone layer and geomagnetic conditions.

3D view of planet Earth and wind simulation in one app for Android

3D Earth is not just a meteorologist. Of course, there is an original weather forecast based on data from various sources. Moreover, you can use the clock with time zones and notifications with warnings. The set is completed with widgets for the phone’s home screen. The full range of available features is provided by optional subscription or one-time purchase. Unfortunately, the app isn’t cheap.

Weather Radar App – Live Updated Weather Maps

Price: 0 PLN, advertisements. Download for free on Google Play

Weather forecast in the Weather Radar mobile app

Weather information is sometimes hard to imagine. This is where the app comes in handy weather radar app. There are visualizations with selected weather data plotted on the map. So you can see how atmospheric fronts are arranged, where strong winds form and where storms can form, how the temperature changes during the day, and what the cloud cover looks like on each continent. This information is updated very often based on actual measurement data, so you can rely on current readings with a clear conscience.

Weather Radar app, app settings and widgets for Android

The Weather Radar app also includes weather forecasts and simulations for several hours ahead. There are also forecasts for the next few hours – also in the form of animations – and the next few days, presented in a more traditional way. There were also widgets for the home screen. The app displays small advertisements that do not interfere with your use of it.

Weawow – Customize the widget to your liking

Price: 0 PLN, advertisements. Download for free on Google Play

Weaow weather widget settings

Finally, I propose an application Weawow, who stands out large selection of widgets. Not only can you choose a size, but you can adjust different elements of each: text, weather icons, units, background photo visibility, and more. The widget will be visible not only on the home screen. You can also add a weather forecast to the lock screen and notification area.

Weaow - weather information and forecast

Moreover, Weaow is a fairly standard application. It collects information from various sources and presents it in clear graphics. Here you can also see a detailed forecast for the coming days, and the background photo will be adjusted to the expected conditions. In addition to weather information, you can also find sunrise and sunset times and air quality data here.

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