Which window cleaner to choose? The June Popularity Ranking will help

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In this ranking you will find the following window cleaners and the most important information about them:

  • Karcher WV 5 Premium Plus Home Line (1.633-455.0) – check the offer
  • Karcher WV 2 Plus N (1.633-212.0) – check offer
  • Karcher WV 2 Premium 10 Years Edition (1.633-426.0) – check the offer
  • Vileda Windomatic (153233) – check the offer
  • Karcher WV 6 Plus (1.633-510.0) – check the offer

June ranking of window cleaners

5. Karcher WV 6 Plus 1.633-510.0

The most expensive washer in the entire ranking was ranked fifth. Of course, the higher price is due to better parameters. The washer can run for up to 100 minutes on a single battery charge. This guarantees a performance of up to 300 m² Despite such a long-lasting battery, it only takes 2.5 hours to recharge. In addition, the water tank is 150ml. The squeegee (28 cm) has standard dimensions. WV 6 Plus is equipment that will work in the hands of a professional. More than an hour and a half of continuous work is enough to clean windows, not only in an apartment or a house. The set includes a sprayer with a microfiber pad. An interesting fact is also the display showing the remaining working time on a single charge.

4. Vileda Windomatic 153233

It’s the only washcloth in the top five in June that wasn’t made by Karcher. Vileda is a really worthy contender, especially since it doesn’t cost too much. In the promotion, you could get it recently for less than 200 PLN. At this price, it is profitable to buy it, given its parameters. The working time on a single charge in this case is 30 minutes, and the replenishment of energy takes 3.5 hours. The set includes a suction cup with a width of 27 cm. The capacity of the washer is 120 m² The tank holds 100 ml of dirty water. Vileda has used a special button here that allows you to increase the power by 50% to clean windows and other flat surfaces more effectively.

3. Karcher WV 2 Premium Edition 10 years 1.633-426.0

Third place goes to the Karcher WV 2 Premium Black Edition 1.633-426.0. Its big advantage is the battery life. Washer runs up to 40% on a single load. longer than its predecessor, around 35 minutes. This translates to a capacity of approximately 105 m² Like the WV 5, the WV 2 is also equipped with two nozzles: one large and one smaller. The set also includes a 20ml concentrate, sprayer with pad and charger.

2. Karcher WV 2 Plus N (1.633-212.0)

This time, the Karcher WV 2 Plus is not the winner of the ranking of the most popular washers, because it took second place. It can be recommended to everyone who is looking for branded equipment with good parameters and at an affordable price. Fully charging the battery in this case takes three hours, which gives about 35 minutes of work. If we take into account a 28 cm wide nozzle, we get a capacity of about 105 m². The dirty water tank has a standard capacity of 100 ml. The set includes a narrow 17 cm nozzle, a standard sprayer with a microfiber pad and 20 ml of cleaning product.

1. Karcher WV 5 Premium Plus Home Line (1.633-455.0)

This month’s winner is the Washer, who was fifth in the previous standings in May. Karcher WV 5 thus achieved significant promotion. This washer can be placed on the mid-priced shelf. Its capacity is about 105 m², which is influenced, among other things, by the battery which lasts 35 minutes of operation. It takes about three and a half hours to fully charge it. The largest nozzle is 28cm wide, and the set also includes an additional, narrower nozzle, 17cm wide, which is used for cleaning small areas. In addition, the manufacturer also adds a 20ml washing concentrate, a sprayer with a pad and a charger.

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