A painful ban for the Poles. Gas cooker installer: telephone calls are interrupted

  • Residents of Polish cities are afraid of what will happen when politicians decide that gas boilers can no longer be installed. Some want to install a new device as long as possible, others postpone investments
  • Until now, most people who have decided to change their heating system have abandoned old coal stoves in favor of gas boilers. Now the alternative is to be more expensive heat pumps
  • – Podhale users do not have a favorable opinion on this subject. The pump heats up instead of heating up. That’s why they have to warm up with the power grid – reports Mr. Krystian in an interview with Onet
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– I do not complain about the lack of work, but in recent days I have a phone on the phone – says Mr. Andrzej, fitter of gas stoves from Wrocław. The man advertises his services in one of the advertising portals. He says people he talks to are worried about what will happen when politicians decide gas boilers can no longer be installed. Customers, he says, fall into two groups.

– Some people want to buy a new stove and the same, for stock – when it will no longer be possible to buy them in stores. A gas pipe costs a few thousand zlotys, and a heat pump costs at least ten thousand more – she lists. – Others are reluctant to invest at all, if they want to ban it, they are afraid that the new installation will be legal – he explains.

He also adds that the demand in the first group is so high that now you have to get in the queue for him, like for a visit to a specialist doctor from the National Health Fund.

Phone calls and panic among Mr. Andrzej’s customers have sparked recent reports of plans by the European Commission, which, wanting to break away from Russian gas, intends to ban (within five years) the installation of gas stoves in new buildings, from 2030. also in those after modernization . If there is no question today of an order for the liquidation of existing installations after these two dates, users have no illusions that this could soon change.

This is a big logistical and financial problem for thousands of Poles who have recently decided to heat their homes with gas. Anyway, in many cities, especially in the south of the country, there is a great replacement of furnaces and the fight against smog. This is aided by the government’s “Clean Air” program, which has been in place for a decade, with the aim of removing over 3 million layers of black carbon. Except that the old ovens have been mostly replaced by gas boilers.

– We feel cheated. For several years, we have been threatened with fines and persuaded to switch to gas. Now it turns out that they will ban it soon. And after? Windmill in the garden? – comments a resident of Katowice. Let us add that at the end of last year, no less than 73%. requests for co-financing for the replacement of the heating system in Silesia were for new generation gas and coal boilers.

However, Emil Nagalewski, the coordinator of the Polish smog alert in Silesia, explains that the gas has long been treated in the EU as a transitional fuel. It was supposed to help move away from polluting energy sources such as coal. Later, it was to be replaced by renewable sources themselves. The trial had been planned for years, but Russia’s attack on Ukraine changed everything. This is why, today, Europe wants to become more quickly independent of Russian gas, so as not to finance Putin’s war machine.

– In addition to the EU plans, it should be noted that the Poles who are modernizing their boiler rooms have already decided that it is necessary to move away from fossil fuels – says the interlocutor of Onet.

– In April, 48.5%. the applications submitted under the “Clean Air” program concerned heat pumps. Coal and gas prices are highly volatile, so it’s no surprise that people are opting for cost-effective renewable energy and a combination of heat pump and photovoltaic, says Nagalewski.

Heat pumps should be an alternative for individuals. The EU plans to install around 20 million of these devices by 2026 and nearly 60 million by 2030 in member states. Today, however, the main reason for reluctance to further change is primarily money.

Karol, who is completing the construction of a house near Lublin, jokes that he will agree to any eco-change, if its costs are covered by EU officials. – I chose gas because it was the cheapest option. The ban on gas heating may force me to install a heat pump, and therefore, because of the high electricity consumption, also photovoltaic panels. This is an expense of tens of thousands of zlotys – he says.

Our other interlocutor, a microentrepreneur from Podhale, argues that such a solution is not the best for him. He claims that the pump cannot cope with the harsh climate and winters of mountain towns. “You have to consider geography,” he says.

– I live near the Tatras, it is cold here in winter – simply. Not like in Warsaw, where -5 degrees C is a big freeze. Here, the frosts exceed twenty degrees. When I have to throw a furnace and can’t use gas, I can’t imagine how we’ll live. Heat pump? Podhale users do not have a favorable opinion on this subject. The pump heats up instead of heating up. That is why they have to heat themselves with the power grid – reports Mr. Krystian.

The price is also an issue. – In a house like mine, where I run an agriturismo, I would have to throw around 50,000 zlotys for appliances only. PLN plus the second 50 thousand. PLN for a borehole for a submersible pump and another 50,000. PLN for photovoltaics, so that in winter, when the demand for electricity is greater, you do not pay bills for 3000. PLN per month – says our interlocutor.

Meanwhile, now under the government program “My heat” you can count on co-financing for the installation of a floor pump (up to 21,000 PLN) and up to 7,000 PLN. for air pump.

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