Cisco Live 2022: Innovation for Modern Business

The most important information:

  • During this year’s Cisco Live, among others, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins; Grammy Award-winning musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist Pharrell Williams and actress Mindy Kaling.
  • Featured innovations include web, cybersecurity, collaboration solutions and an optimized application portfolio.
  • The demo area – Innovation Showcase – allows you to see preview versions of future technologies.

Cisco LIVE 2022 has begun, an event dedicated to networking technologies and cybersecurity solutions that brings together the Cisco community around innovation, inspiring presentations and collaborative discussions. For the past two years, the conference has been held in a virtual space. This year, the event will be truly hybrid – organizers are expecting 15,000 people to attend in person, and several times that many to watch the coverage online from anywhere in the world (register for live and on-air coverage). platform containing documents on demand on this link).

Cisco experts, including CEO Chuck Robbins, will appear on the Cisco Live 2022 stage. Customers will also speak, including representatives from Amazon, Ford, McLaren Racing, Starbucks and representatives from the City of Las Vegas. In addition, conferences on innovation, practical workshops, educational and technical sessions are planned. Musician, filmmaker, Grammy winner, Oscar-nominated entrepreneur and philanthropist, Pharrell Williams will attend the event to discuss the role technology plays in education and the future of work. Actress Mindy Kaling will also perform at Cisco Live 2022. The highlight of the conference will be concerts by the Dave Matthews Band and Britana Howard.

“The challenges and uncertainties that have accompanied us over the past few years have shown the true power of technology. Digital transformation continues to be crucial for any business as we navigate an increasingly complex world with our customers and partners,” said Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins. “I’m thrilled that at Cisco Live we can showcase our latest innovations to customers that help them change and adapt to new business conditions.”

New technologies for modern businesses

At Cisco Live, the company will showcase new technologies spanning networking, security, collaboration, and a portfolio of optimized applications that help organizations increase the productivity, resiliency, and agility needed in the hybrid operation of business. ‘today :

  • Unified experiences: Today’s business environment is extremely unpredictable, and business agility and resilience have never been more important. Cisco Announces New Cloud Management Solutions That Deliver a Unified Experience Across Cisco Meraki, Cisco Catalyst (Cloud Management for Cisco Catalyst™), and Cisco Nexus (Cisco Nexus®Cloud) Portfolios, and a New Product from Cisco ThousandEyes Solutions (ThousandEyes®WAN Insights) for advanced WAN performance optimization.
  • Cyber ​​security: Cisco has unveiled a new strategy to build a global, integrated cloud platform that delivers secure access and connectivity to organizations of all types and sizes. Cisco has taken steps to realize its Security Cloud vision with innovation in the most comprehensive portfolio on the market.
  • Best hybrid experience: The first hybrid phone on the market, the Cisco Video Phone 8875 – maximizes productivity and reduces meeting fatigue at a time when shared desks have become the new norm in the workplace. Add-ons for Webex Calling components of the Webex Suite increase work flexibility and reliability and improve audio quality. ThousandEyes’ integration with Webex Control Hub provides a better experience for Webex Suite users by enabling IT administrators to proactively monitor application issues. Salesforce and Oracle Eloqua are now integrated with Webex webinars to flexibly manage workloads for better productivity.
  • A new app experience: Cisco announced the launch of AppDynamics Cloud, a cloud-based observability platform for modern applications based on increasingly complex and distributed architectures and services. Designed with simplicity, usability and intuitiveness in mind, the platform will enable IT teams to deliver the unique digital experiences that businesses, consumers and end users demand today.
  • New open source API-based solutions for developers: Apps are no longer just a brand extension or an additional channel for customer engagement – ​​they are now increasingly the focus of business. The Cisco Panoptica and Calisti apps available today are the latest additions to Cisco’s cloud-native toolkit, based on the API-first approach (build a great API first, then wrap it with features), which accelerate the application development cycle and provide enterprises with modern connectivity, security and observability essential to a unique digital experience.

Demonstration area – Showcase of innovation

During Cisco Live, the company will also showcase future technologies in the demo area:

  • Transforming car travel: Ford Mustang Mach-E uses Webex Meetings technology in the car. Attendees also saw a demonstration of Cisco’s “Interconnected Roads and Intersections” technology that automates road safety management.

  • A real-world hybrid workspace: work is not where you go, but what you do. And now work can be done anywhere – at home, in the office or in a cafe. As part of the innovation showcase, attendees had the chance to test drive Cisco Hybrid Workplaces to test the latest technologies that enable new ways of working.
  • A new dimension of cooperation in 3D technology: Using the Webex Hologram solution, conference attendees had the opportunity to experience the industry’s only real-time meeting solution that uses augmented reality, combining the rich features of Webex meetings with the immersive user experience of 3D holograms.

  • Extend video communication and collaboration across space: Callisto technology, using the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant, the Webex collaboration platform and artificial intelligence mechanisms – a unique crew vehicle solution will be on board the Orion spacecraft for NASA’s Artemis I mission, carried out in cooperation with Cisco, Lockheed Martin and Amazon.
  • The fastest self-driving car: Software developers and network engineers are innovating using Cisco technologies and platforms – and have even set the world record for the fastest self-driving car. Attendees saw a Cisco-powered car that set a land speed record for autonomous vehicles (over 190 mph, or about 305 km/h).

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  • Asynchronous video messaging: At a time when meeting fatigue is becoming more common, solutions that increase productivity and flexibility throughout the workday are in high demand. Vidcast, part of the Webex suite, allows users to easily record, edit and share video messages, all without having to search for a suitable date to meet live. For the first time, Cisco will unveil AI-powered editing capabilities that will make it even easier for users to create polished videos by using transcription to edit video, remove placeholders and, in the near future, also use personalized speech synthesis. and add templates to voice recordings.

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