Coal stove – what to replace it with in 2022. Heat pump, gas or biomass

Although the number of lollipops in Poland has been steadily decreasing for several years and more than 800,000 have been removed in the last 7 years, the smog emitted by coal stoves is still a huge problem in our country. It is estimated that at least 3 million of the worst quality ovens still need to be replaced across Poland. Coal boilers remain the main source of heating for around half of Poles living in single-family homes. There are even more furnaces in the villages – around 60%.

How many are there exactly in Poland? Unfortunately, we don’t know. The Universal Inventory of Heat Sources – the Central Building Emission Register – has just started. The owners must make an inventory obligatory. Only then will we know how many smokers there really are in Poland.

Solid fuel boilers popular in Poland, i.e. coal and wood stoves, must meet current standards. Regulations prohibit the production and sale of so-called boilers in Poland. boilers without class and class 3 and 4. The ashes are boilers without class, that is to say those that do not meet any ecological standard. What they emit is not regulated by any standard, so the emissions they generate are not subject to any restrictions.

Currently, only class 5 coal boilers are legally available in Poland. They have high efficiency and possibly reduced emissions of harmful substances. They can burn coal or biomass (vegetable pellets, for example wood). However, they still emit pollutants into the atmosphere (carbon monoxide, solid particles) and use non-renewable resources – coal and biomass. Prices for such stoves start from 7000-8000 PLN.

What if we already had a smock or even a 5th class stove at home? It is worth familiarizing yourself with the anti-smog resolution that is in effect in our area or city. Anti-smog resolutions in many voivodeships will introduce a full one from 2023 the use of non-class and 3rd or 4th class boilers is prohibited. In turn, for example, in Krakow, from 2019, the burning of solid fuels such as coal or wood is already prohibited.

So you have to face the truth – the days of coal and wood stoves in Poland are numbered. It is true that you can install a 5th class coal or biomass boiler in your home, but it must be borne in mind that we will not get funding for this from “Clean Air”.

If we are planning to replace the heating, it is worth thinking about co-financing first. The government’s Clean Air program is the basic program, but there is always the possibility of getting money for heating from local programs.

Depending on the heating selected, the state will reimburse us from 10 to 30 thousand. zloty. More than 314,000 job offers have already been submitted under the Clean Air program. applications for the replacement of heat sources.

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In the Clean Air program, you can get money for the following types of heating:

  • heat pumps,
  • gas boilers,
  • Electric heating,
  • oil boilers,
  • biomass boilers.

Co-funding for class 5 coal stoves was possible under the Clean Air program, but on January 1, 2022, it was withdrawn.

Heat pumps produce much more heat than your home needs and can also cool it in the summer. The condition is that a suitable heating system is installed in the new building. Underfloor heating is preferred. Mechanical ventilation is also recommended.

Pumps also have drawbacks. It is a high price and problems that may be caused by installation. Even the best pump will be ineffective if installed incorrectly. The cost of mounting such an installation starts from 30 thousand zloty.

This type of power generation is becoming increasingly popular as energy prices continue to rise. The heat pump is safe to use and efficient, and when its installation is combined with the installation of photovoltaic panels, the heating and power costs of the property can be reduced to almost zero.

Burning natural gas is much cleaner than burning coal. The cost of installing a gas heater is from several to several thousand zlotys. To this you need to add gas bills – at least several thousand zlotys per year.

However, gas boilers also have drawbacks. Although heating the house and the water in this way is cheaper than in the case of black coats, the bills will still be higher than in the case of district heating. In addition, there are supply problems and rising gas prices. The situation in this market has deteriorated considerably since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

The cost of electric heating includes the purchase of the equipment, the preparation of the installation and the electricity tariffs. An important aspect, as with any heating, is the insulation of the building. Good insulation allows you to keep the heat in the house, increasing the efficiency of heating.

The cost of installation is one of the main advantages of electric heating. The simplest installation costs about 3000 PLN. However, if we want to create a complete electric heating system equipped with a stove or underfloor heating, installation costs will start at about 7-8 thousand zloty. To this must also be added higher electricity bills. It should also be remembered that the monthly costs of electric heating will also be strongly influenced by constantly rising electricity prices. Therefore, especially in this case, it is also worth considering photovoltaic panels, which can bring significant savings.

With the current prices of electricity and coal, heating with wood can be an attractive economic alternative. It is also a good solution if we take into account the daily evolution of the prices of heating oil and gas.

Biomass in the form of pellets, pieces of wood, briquettes or grains is always considered an environmentally friendly source of energy and such a boiler can be financed. Only the cost of the oven is about 10-12 thousand. zlotys.

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