Disney+ available in Poland starting today. How much, what and how to watch?

Many enthusiasts of good home cinema have been waiting for this day. After months of vain hopes, Disney+ has officially launched in Poland and from today its offer is fully available to us. How, where and for how much to watch the new VoD service?

Disney+ debuted globally in November 2019, and the only country in Europe it entered was the Netherlands at the time. A few months later, in March 2020, the service was delivered to other countries on our continent. Then it started talking too on Availability of Disney+ in Poland. Unfortunately, as you can see, we had to for this wait more than two years. Was it worth it? What does the American platform offer Poles today?

How much do you have to pay for Disney+?

Prior to launch, Disney+ offered promotional access to the website, but starting today, regular rates apply. So you can decide to subscription with a monthly subscription of 28.99 PLNwhat year does it take 347.88zł, or pay immediately 289.90 PLN for the whole year, saving you 15%. This method of payment is only valid the first year of subscriptionfollowed by an automatic renewal of the subscription at 28.99 PLN per month.

Users who previously signed up for the Disney+ pre-launch promotion should wait for an email today to activate the service. If the message did not come, spam is worth checking out and find her there.

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What can you watch on Disney+?

By choosing one of these rates, viewers can count on a wide starting offer. As a welcome, we have access to more than 800 films, more than a thousand series and 150 original productions. In addition to Disney and Pixar films, the offer includes productions from all over the world star wars and the universe wonderdocuments National geographicand the Star collection. Popular series such as The Walking Dead have been collected under the latter brand.

How to watch Disney+?

Disney+ user can set up to 7 profiles for you and your loved ones, using the site itself on 10 registered devices with the possibility of Downloadincluding out of four at the same timee. Parents will be interested in advanced parental controls with the ability to create profiles for children.

Disney+ productions are offered in quality 4K UHD with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on compatible devices. The site also offers virtual joint visualization up to 6 people thanks to the GroupWatch function.

Disney+ is compatible with mobile devices, web browsers, game consoles, set-top boxes, and smart TVs. On smartphones and tablets Android and iOS just enjoy from the mobile app. For TVs, the app must be available on devices with Android TV, for Samsung smart TV with Tizenin models LG with WebOS, as well as in HiSense and Panasonic receivers. Disney+ should also be available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast devices and consoles PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One, Series X / Series S.

Disney+ on Polsat Plus Group channels

The new website also debuts in Polsat Plus Group TV services. Disney+ is available in packages in the Polsat Box, Plus, Netia and Polsat Box Go offers. To date, it is the only offer of this type offered by the operators.

  • Polsat box – TV packages (up to 51 channels) with Disney + from 35 PLN per month. In offers with package L with selected additional packages and a subscription from 100 PLN per month, customers will have access to Disney + in the price of the offer, for the entire duration of the contract.
  • More – free for one year in each voice and internet subscription (5G / LTE internet and Plus Światłowód),
  • Netia – free for one year in fixed internet access offers and packages with TV services. Free for up to 2 years for a combination of 3 subscription services (Internet, TV, GSM with number portability),
  • Polsat Go box – in the new Polsat Box Go Premium package with Disney +, which is a combination of more than 100 TV channels, a library of films, series, entertainment and news programs, and the Disney + library, at a promotional price from PLN 50 per month.

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