Hisense is preparing to conquer Poland. It has new ULED, QLED, OLED and Laser TVs

Hisense intends to strengthen its presence in our market. The manufacturer introduces in Poland new series of ULED, QLED, OLED TVs, as well as Laser TV projection TVs with a 100 or 120-inch screen and a short-throw projector.

new Hisense TVs

The latest Hisense novelties are coming to the Polish market. Among them are two models for the football championship FIFA World Cup in QatarU7HQ and Laser TV L9G.
The manufacturer has enhanced its ULED series with the U8HQ model with Mini-LED backlight technology, and the OLED series with two models with technology Pixel Dimming – A9H and A85H. QLED TVs completed the new model – E7HQ.

new Hisense TVs - list of models

Laser TVs

The Laser TV L9G series are models that connect screens in sizes 100 and 120 inches With short throw projector. They are particularly recommended for watching movies or sporting events. Hisense applied in L9G technology with three-color laser sourcewhich improves gamut and color gamut coverage. L9G TV laser achieves brightness 3000 lumens.

new Hisense laser TVs
Hisense is proud to provide the L9G with a laser light source projector BT.2020 color space coverage at 107% levelthrough which it will display billions of colors in digital content.

new Hisense laser TVs

The Laser TV screen is designed to provide excellent picture quality in any ambient light. To improve visibility, the manufacturer used a special one screen surface with ambient light rejection functionthat reflects ambient light. Hisense promises you a sharp, crisp, bright and detailed picture.

new Hisense laser projector TVs

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New Ultra LED TVs

The latest range of televisions in Ultra LED technology is represented by models U7HQ and U8HQ.

Serial U7HQ with 55 and 65 inch screens the manufacturer used a matrix with 120 Hz refreshas well as full zonal matrix lighting – Full local dimmingwhich guarantees a better depth of black. Technology used Quantum dot color offers faithful color reproduction and a wide color gamut.


Hisense in the latest TV has placed particular emphasis on technologies that reduce screen flickering or blurring and thus improve the authenticity of the picture. Function used MEMC intelligently predicts displayed motionadds proper bezels, offsetting the overall look of the image, which, combined with the native 120Hz panel, makes it easier to follow any sporting action smoothly.

Model Hisense U8HQ ULED 4K with Mini-LED technology and 55 and 65 inch screens use more 10 thousand diodes and area lighting Pro Full Array Local Dimming. This technology also enables natural transitions from dark to bright scenes – the matrix is ​​fully illuminated with area suppression. A novelty is the use of LEDs that are 50 times smaller, which results in uniform backlighting. The U8HQ also provides peak-to-image brightness 1,300 rivets.

Hisense U8HQ ULED 4K

Quantum Dot Color technology provides over a billion shades of colormuch more accurate color display than conventional LED TVs. Benefits of ULED models also include support for Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ and HDR Immersive certification.

Hisense U8HQ ULED 4K also stands out for image refresh 120 Hz with MEMC technology. However, the technology IMAX Enhanced According to the manufacturer, it is supposed to guarantee users of the U8HQ picture and sound quality comparable to the quality of cinematic experiences. Technologies provide an additional sound experience Dolby Atmos and DTSX.

Hisense U8HQ ULED 4K

The Ultra LED series is also an offer for gamers. They make the game easier HDMI 2.1 with 4K 120Hz VRR, plus ALLM, eARC and AMD Freesync and professional game mode.

ALLM automatically detects when the user starts a game and puts the TV into game mode with the lowest input lag. Guaranteed 4K 120Hz, VRR and AMD FreeSync smooth picture in 4K as well as the synchronization of the image and graphics refresh rate between the TV and latest generation consoles. In turn, eARC will process the most advanced home theater sound formats.

Hisense OLED TVs

Hisense also has some news in technology OLED – A9H (65 inch) and A85H (55 and 65 inch) models. The new OLED color correction uses 24 colors for precise color adjustmentincluding primary color correction, skin tone, saturation and gamut mapping.


The Hisense A9H and A85H OLED TVs are equipped with technologies that each of them on 8 million pixels shine by themselves without the need for an additional backlight. Technology Pixel Dimming is to make the screen image clearer and sharper, and to provide very high contrast.

The Hisense A9H OLED 4K 65” version also provides 3.1.2 surround sound. It was placed in the TV box subwooferr, and Sonic Screen technology makes the the sound also comes from the screen. Dolby Atmos and DTS X are also a plus.


Hisense A85H OLED 4K in the 55 and 65 inch versions, in addition to the aforementioned technologies, stands out use of a rotating support. With it, you can easily rotate the TV to an angle of 50° without having to move the entire TV. This allows for the perfect viewing angle from any part of the room.


Hisense QLED TVs

Another new TV line presented – The E7HQ QLED 4K is available in 43, 50, 55 inch sizes. The series is equipped with Quantum Dot technology and is not only compatible with HDR10, HDR10+, HLG decoding, but also offers Dolby Vision function. Smooth Motion technology (on the 55″ 65″ and 70″ versions) combines technologies 60Hz native refresh rate, MEMC and 3D noise reduction.


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Photo source: Telepolis.pl, Hisense

Text source: Hisense

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