How does the memory card work for the phone? The best SD cards in 2022

Which phone memory card should I buy? Shops are full of not only their different capacities, but also types and manufacturers. What to choose and at what price? We rush to help you and review all the most important standards.

Memory cards for the phone – what is it for?

Phone memory cards are mainly used to increase the memory capacity of the phone. People who work with audiovisual material, i.e. photographers (even amateurs) and all those who like to shoot even short video material on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook, certainly understand this. The same applies to mobile games, but in this case it is worth paying attention to where the phone saves files by default. Android devices tend to install all apps installed on the phone disk.

Anyone who owns a mobile phone should ask themselves a few questions before buying, the most important of which: how will i store my files? There are many options, because when you buy a phone you can opt for, for example, a large disk capacity, up to 1 TB of memory. Unfortunately, you have to pay extra for this option.

Many people, to make space management easier, decide to store data in the cloud in services such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. In this case, unfortunately, you have to pay a fixed and considerable fee each month. The third method is relatively cheap and does not limit the user – these are memory cards with which you can expand the space on the phone.

Memory cards for phones – pay attention to the speed

The most important thing is of course ability. However, this is an individual matter – everyone has their own needs regarding the number of gigabytes, one only needs a few, and someone else is working with so many photos and files that they will decide to use 1TB. Most importantly, the larger the card, the higher the purchase cost.

the most popular memory cards 2022:

However, deciding to expand the memory the speed is also worth considering. In this case, the better the card you buy, the more efficiently the files will be saved on your phone, which will positively affect the comfort of work. Remember that maps have different speed classes. The rule is simple: the higher the value, the more efficient the work. It should also be noted that with the development of technology, it has appeared a new speed class, namely UHS, which stands for Ultra High Speed and it is the cards marked in this way to which the user must pay particular attention.

  • speed class 2 – minimum write speed is 2MB/s
  • speed class 4 – minimum write speed is 4MB/s
  • speed class 6 – minimum write speed is 6MB/s
  • Speed ​​Class 10 and UHS Speed ​​Class 1 – minimum write speed is 10MB/s
  • UHS Speed ​​Class 3 – minimum write speed is 30MB/s

SD card makers have created one more designation that indicates the rate at which data is written and read and it’s for… filmmakers.

  • speed class V6 – minimum write speed is 6MB/s
  • speed class V10 – minimum write speed is 10MB/s
  • speed class V30 – minimum write speed is 30MB/s
  • speed class V60 – minimum write speed is 60MB/s
  • speed class V90 – minimum write speed is 90MB/s

These cards, aimed at filmmakers, are characterized by high write and read speeds. Each of them will be suitable for working on video files in HD or Full HD, however, if you want to record video in 4K, be interested in speed classes from V10. If you plan to shoot in 8K, invest in speed classes at least V30.

The above markings should appear on the seller’s websites, as well as on the cards themselves.

Which memory card for the phone to choose? Types of memory cards

The sheer number of memory card types can drive you crazy. For the record, I remind you of all the most important types of memory cards. It should be noted here that it was decided most phones use the microSD standard and these are the memory banks you should look for if you want more space for photos or files. It is worth pointing out here that if you want your memory card to be more universal, you can always buy it an adapter that will make an SD card from a microSD card – unfortunately, it doesn’t work the other way around.

The cheapest memory cards 2022:

When choosing a card, it is worth remembering the golden rule: always check which card for your device is recommended by the manufacturer.

SD (Secure Digital) Memory Cards

These are perhaps the most recognizable memory cards. They are quite large and are usually not supported by cell phones, but by laptops or cameras. They have a capacity of up to 2 GB inclusive.

SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards

This type of memory card is also not commonly found in smartphones. What sets them apart is the fact that their capacity varies from 2 GB to 32 GB of memory and they are much faster than regular SD cards, which is normal, since it is simply a upper generation.

MicroSD cards

These are just shrunken SD cards. They have a capacity of up to 2 GB inclusive.

microSDHC cards

This (similar to SD cards) is a larger version of the microSD card. You can store 2 to 32 GB of data there.

MicroSDXC Cards

The larger version of the microSD card. It can hold 32 GB up to 2 TB of data.

MicroSDUC Cards

These cards are real monsters! They can hold up to from 2 to 128 TB of data.

Huawei Nano Memory Card (nanoSD)

Huawei, after brands like Apple, decided to create its own type of memory expansion card in the phone. Its size is different from others on the market, the purpose of this solution is to make the card smaller so that it can fit in the nanoSIM slot. So if you have a phone from a Chinese manufacturer (eg Huawei Mate 20 Pro), check if you need to invest in the NM card.

Which memory card for the phone to choose?

What to consider when buying? Of course, what you really need a memory card for your phone.

Expensive cards for professionals

SanDisk microSDXC 1TB Extreme Pro – the capacity is 1TB, the video recording class is V30, so it is suitable even for recording 8K movies. It is quite expensive, almost 2000 PLN.

Kioxia Exceria Pro SDXC 256GB – it has “only” 256 GB of capacity, but it is extremely fast, because it works in the V90 class, so it is one of the fastest cards on the market. It costs about 1500 PLN.

Sony SF-G2UZ SDXC 256GB – this memory card has a capacity of 256 GB, works in speed class 10. It costs about 1000 zlotys.

Fast cards up to 500 PLN

Sony QHDG 32GB – the card from the Japanese manufacturer operates in speed class 10 and has 32 GB of memory. It costs about 500 PLN.

Kingston React Plus SDR2 128GB MicroSDXC – this card from Kingston operates in the 10-speed class and has a capacity of 128 GB. It costs about 450 PLN.

Kioxia Exceria Plus SDXC 256GB – the card, which costs about 400 PLN, has a speed class 10 and a capacity of 256 GB.

Fast cards up to 100 PLN

SanDisk Nintendo 64GB MicroSDXC – a map created solely to operate the Nintendo Switch console. It has a speed class 3 and 64 GB of storage capacity. It costs 68 PLN.

Canvas Kingston Go! More SDXC 64GB – The Kingston card has 10 speed classes and a capacity of 64 GB. It costs about 50 PLN.

Samsung Evo Plus microSDXC 64 GB – this card is speed class V10 with a capacity of 64 GB. It costs about 50 PLN.

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