Not only brushwood, air energy is also cheap

The price of popular eco-pea coal is almost three times higher than the previous year and its availability is causing problems. Increase in gas prices and inability to connect new users to the network. All this means that the upcoming heating season is not optimistic. The heat pump manufacturer Rotenso Aquami explains why the so-called “heating of the future”, i.e. the air/water heat pump, is today the only ecologically and economically viable solution, both for new houses than for old houses.

Coal, gas, pellets – it was already cheap

Reasons for concern, in particular, are those who heat the house with coal, gas, but also more expensive pellets or wood. The Ministry of Climate assures that there will be no shortage of coal during the autumn and winter season, and that its price for entities and farms will be regulated thanks to the expansion of the points of sale of Polska Grupa Górnicza, as well as compensation for intermediaries who will sell fuel at an “acceptable price”. Meanwhile, coal in warehouses, if that is its price, reaches up to PLN 3,000 per ton.

In the near future, the situation is unlikely to change, as coal production in Polish mines has been gradually decreasing for years. Price prices and uncertainty in the gas market are another consequence of Russian aggression against Ukraine, which has already affected households and businesses. Remind that since the launch of the government’s “Clean Air” program, i.e. in 2018, more than 42%. its beneficiaries took advantage of the subsidy for the replacement of inefficient heat sources for gas condensing boilers. Regardless of the rise in raw material prices, we already know that the European Commission, considering gas boilers as not ecological enough, wants to ban their installation in new homes from 2027, and three years later in new homes. modernized.

How to heat a house and why with a heat pump?

If it’s not coal and gas, what’s left? Air-to-water heat pumps, whose sales last year in Poland increased by more than 88%. are the technology of choice for new homes. On average, the cost of an air/water heat pump, depending on its power, can be several to several thousand zlotys higher than a solid fuel boiler.

Owners of newly built buildings have been willing to invest in a heat pump-based heating system for several years because its installation does not require the expensive construction of a chimney and a separate boiler room, nor, as in the case of gas heating, the costs of design and connection to the network. In addition, from this year, owners of new homes can apply for a subsidy for the purchase of a heat pump under the government program “Moje Ciepło”.

Co-financing in the form of a grant is 30% to 45% of the eligible costs, i.e. up to 7,000 PLN for an air-water or air-air heat pump. The condition is the purchase of a device such as Rotenso Aquami Split and Monoblock, that is, with energy efficiency class (A ++) for the heating water supply temperature of 55 ° C. In the end therefore, the costs of purchasing a heat pump, compared to a solid fuel boiler or a gas boiler, for new homes are comparable.

As far as operating costs are concerned, these already speak for a heat pump. Heating cost calculators available for houses in WT 2014 and WT 2021 standard i.e. over ten years and new ones developed by PORT PC or Rotenso show that the minus for heating in the first quarter of 2021 , apart from the owners of wood-burning boilers, were the owners of heat pumps. Recall that at the beginning of the year, fuel oil prices were incomparably cheaper than today.

Energy-saving heat pumps

Ecological and economical heat pumps

Heat pumps do not emit any harmful substances because they do not burn. The principle of operation is based on the fact that the heat pump uses the heat that occurs naturally in the environment around us – about 75%. the energy comes from the environment, about 25 percent. it is the motive energy. In the case of the standard model of the Rotenso Aquami Split 8kW heat pump, which is sufficient to heat a new single-family house with an area of ​​160 m2 and heat the sanitary water of a family of 4, the energy efficiency is very high – the ratio of energy consumed to energy delivered is even 1:5! The electricity that drives the pump, if it comes from a power plant, is still produced from coal, but its share is insignificant, as mentioned, it does not exceed 25%.

– Investors already know that heat pumps are not only environmentally friendly and maintenance-free, but also, despite rising electricity prices, very economical in operation, an independent source of heat and domestic hot water. The energy consumption costs necessary for the operation of the heat pump can be reduced by installing an additional source of electricity, such as photovoltaic panels, and the surplus of the energy production of the photovoltaic installation can be used for heating the house and tap water. Thanks to the integration with a photovoltaic installation, in the next 7 years, the user of a heat pump for example Rotenso Aquami can enjoy practically free of charge operation – Explain Piotr Miklasz Product Manager for heat pumps rotenso Aquami.

A wide range of heat pumps

Not just for new homes

In April 2022, the share of grant applications for replacing inefficient heat sources with heat pumps was 49%. which proves the growing avalanche of interest in pumps, since from the start of the program, i.e. from 2018, the share of heat pumps in all applications was only 20%. Clean Air program grants are used by owners of retrofitted homes.

From July 2021, beneficiaries of this program will also be able to benefit from preferential loans for the replacement of inefficient heat sources and the thermal insulation of single-family homes.which, thanks to the guarantees of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, do not require additional security. Grants from the “Clean Air” program cover 30 to even 60 percent. the costs of replacing non-ecological heat sources which are becoming more and more expensive to operate.

For example, for all air/water heat pumps Rotenso Aquami Splitand Monobloc – qualified to the program’s green appliance list”Clean Air” in the category of appliances with increased energy efficiency (in this case, the basic co-financing level is 45% and the increased co-financing level is 60%) – you can get a minimum of 13.5 thousand PLN for funding, and up to 18,000 for the right to a higher level of funding.- Explain Piotr Miklasz.

Rotenso heat pumps in the Clean Air program

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