Storm radar will help you avoid thunder and lightning i.e. stay home

Heat always goes hand in hand with thunderstorms. On the contrary, no one wants to encounter heavy rain and lightning on their way. There is a way. Storm radar can always help you avoid the heaviest rainfall. for this purpose you can find mobile applications and websites. Thanks to this, you can check on a laptop and a smartphone – depending on the user’s preferences.

This is a website that shows visualizations of storm cloud movement. In addition to the image itself, the user can run an animation that shows the movement of the clouds from a few minutes to show the direction the storm is moving. The operation is relatively simple, as you only need to enter your position and move on the map in selected directions with the possibility of zooming out and zooming in on areas. The application has very wide possibilities, because the storms themselves are not everything.

You can also check wind, rain, snow, temperature, clouds, waves, air quality and more here. Thanks to this, you will be able to prepare for each outing or trip. The map you see can be easily shared or embedded on your website. Animations are visible on the map, which helps a completely green person in the subject to read the information.

If you don’t use your computer too often, you can use the app. You can check exactly the same as on the website, and it will be much easier to use it than in a mobile browser on a smartphone in the form of a website. has even more functions, but these are already provided for those who have a premium plan.


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Storm Monitor – Everything will be clear with this storm radar

It is a service that only works in the form of an application. Thanks to this, you can avoid dangerous storm phenomena. If you are a storm chaser, such an application is necessary to catch the biggest prey. It is worth using the notification function. This way, you will immediately receive information about upcoming threats. In the app, you can also check the weather forecast and information about precipitation, snow wind and other weather issues.

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This proposal is similar to the website and app featured above. is available in the same variants. Therefore, if you usually check the weather on your computer, it will be more convenient to use the website. This is where you can check parameters such as temperature, wind and others. The app has exactly the same functions as the website. If you need more advanced options, may be a much better choice. is a very specific proposal, where you can check what interests you most, that is, weather hazards, which are storms.


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RainViewer – a storm radar that can be installed on any mobile system

The service, which is only available as an app for smartphones, offers a wide range of functions and possibilities. With them, you are sure to be well prepared to leave the house. The app is available for all mobile systems, so no matter what device you are currently working on, you can check the weather. RainViewer is very intuitive and clear. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on whether to leave the house with an umbrella or maybe it’s better to stay there and not go anywhere.

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The storm radar is a solution that will allow you to predict the threat that could meet you, for example, on the way. Thanks to this, you will also warn your relatives who are not aware of such possibilities of consulting the weather and the risks that this entails. The storm radar is very easy to use and read, and it certainly won’t cause any problems.

Featured Image Source: Image by Ron Rev Fenomeno from Pixabay

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