surprisingly good and nice smartphone for normal money

Early in my testing, I looked at the OPPO Reno 7 through the prism of looks, which I rate 10/10, leaving performance and possibilities in the shadows. In the end, what can I expect from a model with only a 4G modem and a rather weak processor… it turned out to be a lot.

OPPO RENO 7 (4G) seems in my opinion more expensive than it really is. It’s all thanks to the signature backs and notification LED, which also rings the LED to light up microscopic photos. I must say that in my opinion it looks better than the 5G model, which is in the best position after all.

OPPO Reno 7 and first impressions

OPPO RENO 7 (4G) – Software and Performance

Reno 7 is working on ColorOS 12.1 based on Android 12. As OPPO has already accustomed us to it, it is a relatively clean and very efficient system. It lacks fountains, although it cannot be said to be barren either. It’s the middle ground for me. ColorOS 12.1 overloads the processor to a degree that allows you to work freely without clipping, but it smuggles in a lot of possibilities to customize our GUI.

I really liked the multifunctionality of the diode on the back of the device around the micro camera. Not only is it used to light up photos at close range, but it also lets you flag an incoming notification. OPPO wouldn’t be OPPO if it hadn’t also offered a few options in the “pretty” and “nice” categories. In this thought, we received a pulsating light from this diode during charging.

Antutu synthetic test results are not particularly optimistic, but what to expect from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chip. What is most important in my opinion is the end performance in standard daily tasks such as playing or jumping between applications, and here it is Surprisingly good. I am currently testing a second smartphone with the same processor and I must admit that it performs less well in such tasks.

Screenshot OPPO RENO 7 7
OPPO RENO 7 4G is doing much worse with Diablo Importal

OPPO RENO 7 (4G) – display

OPPO has packed this fairly compact smartphone with an AMOLED display in the size of 6.43″ which is quite a popular size from this manufacturer. It also offers a 90Hz refresh rate, but consistently, without an adaptive algorithm. In my opinion, this is the biggest oversight as it potentially results in more unnecessary battery consumption. After all, we don’t always need 90Hz, do we? Fortunately, the battery of this model has been selected so that we do not feel this defect, but it could be prolonged. Of course, a fingerprint reader has been placed under the screen, which seems obvious to me with AMOLED.

OPPO Reno has never struggled with millimeters of frames, so OPPO RENO 7 is not a model of their thickness. They seem optimal to me so as not to touch the screen in an unwanted way.

OPPO RENO 7 (4G) – cameras

I really like the arrangement of the cameras on the rear island, because OPPO does not try to multiply the cameras for marketing purposes. We have 2 visible cameras (main 64 Mpx and Micro 2 Mpx) and 1 hidden in the black part of the island to measure the depth. The truth is, we get 1 decent camera and 1 toy, because I can’t see any other use for a “microscopic” camera.

Island with OPPO RENO 7 camera looks really tasteful

The 64 Mpx main matrix is ​​not a novelty or a top success, it is true, but it has long been known that software and optics are more important than hardware and the best proof of this are the stored photos on the phone.

What I liked was the operation of the machine, which chose the settings for the photos very well, so much so that the night mode seemed unnecessary to me. In automatic mode, the photo obtained differs only slightly from that in night mode. It’s great because I don’t have to wonder which mode to choose. What I didn’t like were the few creative modes offered in the app.

The operation of the front selfie camera is a big plus. This is a Sony IMX709 matrix that allows you to take very beautiful photos even after dark. As if selfie quality wasn’t reason enough, OPPO has implemented a mode bokeh effectwhich adjusts the blur to the level known from professional cameras.

OPPO RENO 7 (4G) – Battery

As I already mentioned, the battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh allows the device to work for a surprisingly long time. This is probably the lack of a power-hungry 5G modem, but also good software optimization. In my hands, OPPO Reno 7 lasted 2 full days, while usually the competition managed to last 1.5 days, which is 1 day accordingly, because I can’t always charge my phone “in town”. Recharging from 5% to 100% is a little over 1 hour, so there is no madness, but also a reason to be ashamed.

Characteristic structure on the back of OPPO RENO 7

OPPO Reno 7 (4G) is a very nice and distinctive smartphone for everyone who appreciates a prestigious look and does not want to spend a bag of money. OPPO Reno 7 costs 1500 PLN. For this price, you will get a compact smartphone with decent performance and offering very beautiful photos thanks to the front and rear cameras. Disadvantages? Perhaps most annoying was the lack of wide angle. Even an 8MP matrix would be more useful than a microscopic one, but that’s just my opinion.

Finally, the answer to the first impression question is what’s in the photos below? The first is a hand painted candlestick and the second is Toffifee.

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