30 percent Poles have a problem with debts and current expenses

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The 30 percent problem. Poles lack money for day-to-day obligations and basic expenses, according to research commissioned by BIG InfoMonitor. At the same time, 56%. fears that financial problems will appear or worsen in the coming months.

BIG InfoMonitor: 30% Poles have a problem with debt and current expenses

On the financial difficulties resulting, among other things, high inflation is more often spoken by women (34%) than men (26%) and by 25-44 year olds (36%) than others (approx. 27%). Fears of future problems are also more often declared by women (62%) than by men (50%).

– Admittedly, the situation of a sharp rise in prices which has not been seen for years is uncomfortable and creates a risk that consumers, overwhelmed by expenses, will not only give up extravagance or entertainment, but will not also not be able to meet their current expenses obligations – said Sławomir Grzelczak, president of BIG InfoMonitor, quoted in the press release.

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The license fee for television is most likely to be postponed, this is indicated by three out of ten respondents, followed by the bill for telephone and Internet (23%). In the event of financial hardship, one in five respondents will consider quitting insurance payments and regulating penalties for driving without a ticket or fine. Current domestic utility, gas and electricity bills focused on other expenditure items that could wait in the event of financial liquidity problems. They were indicated by 15 percent. respondents, as well as the rent.

– There are nearly 278,000 in the BIG InfoMonitor Debtor Register. people who have more than PLN 1.2 billion in unpaid debts for unpaid bills. In a situation where they want to make another commitment, they may have a problem because companies usually screen clients before signing the contract. Since the beginning of this year alone, more than 7.7 million consumer reports and up to 17.7 million in the last year have been downloaded from BIG InfoMonitor. On the one hand, companies enter and, on the other hand, check whether they can trust people interested in their services – added Grzelczak.

The highest average debt, due to the amounts involved, is related to alimony – PLN 43,476. The second position is rent, which is a significant cost for each household – 24,769 PLN. In turn, the average arrears for telephone and Internet are – 3577 PLN, and for television – 1738 PLN. Unpaid utility bills (water, energy, gas, waste disposal) are PLN 407 per person.

The Quality Watch study “Inflation and war in Ukraine and the household budgets of Poles” was carried out from March 25 to 28, 2022, according to the CAWI method, on a sample of 1,056 Poles over the age of 18.


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