Huawei and Home Quarantine – what do they have in common? They are useless

Home quarantine app in Petal search resultsThe coronavirus and the Home Quarantine app caught up with me. There’s only one problem: I can’t install it on a 5.5K phone.

My situation is as follows: I have been feeling bad for a few days, the test in the pharmacy came back positive once, so I made an appointment at the laboratory via the Internet to have a clear situation (for me and for others ). I have a reference to a point on the other side of town, but I’ll get through it somehow. Something else worries me.

Sanepid presses me impossible

Moments after arranging the test, I picked up the phone. The machine called on behalf of the health department that I have been quarantined and I need to install the Home Quarantine app. The application is mandatory, I can find it on Google Play and the App Store. Alright then I’ll install.

Quarantine search results in the AppGallery
Home Quarantine search results in AppGallery (left) and Petal

Currently i am using huawei p50 pro phone (see again soon). There is no Home Quarantine app in the AppGallery. Exactly, the AppGallery search engine doesn’t find it, and Petal sees it, but it leads to a blank page – I guess this version is not available for the latest phones without Google services. The AppGallery search engine doesn’t find an alternative source either, but that’s fine. I still missed it, so I got a “surprise”.

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It turns out that not only the Nokia 3310 does not allow to comply with the obligation to use the application. A brand new phone with 5.5 thousand PLN will also not help in this situation. There is no application, and I will have to explain the whole situation in the event of an inspection. At the moment I would prefer to have this old Nokia – at least the translation will be easier.

The solution is as simple as that

Huawei sold a good million phones in Poland with a similar disease, but that didn’t convince the Ministry of Health to place the Home Quarantine app in the AppGallery. They had a year and 9 months for that – Home quarantine is mandatory from April 1, 2020, if only the technical conditions allow it. It is a pity that this time was not used to fine-tune the system.

Something else struck me. Petal found the ProteGO Safe app on APKPure. This application collects a lot of data on who was meeting whom and where. This is another application that requires a wide range of permissions and should not be downloaded from unverified sources.

I think that Developers should at least make the APK available on government sites in this situation with a signature confirming its authenticity…as long as they really want easy access to tools. If it’s not a priority, at least no one should say home quarantine is mandatory. It cannot be, if it is simply not accessible to a large part of the citizens. Sanepidu’s message is incomplete if it does not provide conditions exempting the use of this application.

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PS. The system doesn’t work anyway

OK. It’s like that. Despite the obstacles, I will try to be a good citizen. I don’t like having someone uphill with me. Luckily I can, because thanks to my excellent work, I have the possibility of using a phone with access to a more civilized application store. So I downloaded the app…

And the button! The Home Quarantine app must be activated with a code from an SMS. I gave the same phone number as when registering for the test. The SMS never reached me. A quick search shows that there are more such people. I found similar comments from many people from different time periods. It’s just expensive shit, and I probably won’t avoid contacting the hotline.

According to the application information, it means that my data is incorrect. Not that I’m going anywhere in the days to come. None! However, it would be nice to at least know what the status of my quarantine is and when it will end.

The case looks very interesting. Didn’t the Prime Minister’s Chancellery consider Huawei phones without Google services? Because I don’t want to believe Huawei was at fault. How about AppGallery, Huawei strives to have everything a Polish user needs. But what am I supposed to say to the gentleman from the district when he asks for an application? I have already sent questions about this to the representative office of Huawei in Poland, as well as to the spokesperson of the central computer center and the spokesperson of the chief commander of the police. I will update the text as soon as I have the answers.


It’s been 6 hours since the article was published. Back then I have received confirmation from Huawei that the problem exists and they are working on a message that I can pass on to readers. I also received the response from the spokesman of the Central Information Technology Center, Mr. Igor Ryciak. Unfortunately, it’s a dead end – COI is not a developer of the Home Quarantine app. So I guess I won’t get any new information through this channel. This is however surprising. The police haven’t responded yet, but I know my questions got to the right person.

I was able to run the home quarantine, you can see my data must have “set up” for 20 hours. The SMS arrived, the app accepted it, then “hung” on the next screen. I see it won’t be easy, but I won’t give up.

In the meantime, I was still going through the rules for using home quarantine and found the following entry, probably unsuited to modern realities.

home quarantine app terms of use

The regulations clearly say that a phone with access to the AppGallery does not exempt me from the obligation to use Home Quarantine. The situation is further complicated by EMUI, since there is no visible information at first glance about the version of Android running.

The icing on the cake was an internet outage at the lab I was referred to for the test. It’s a shame there was no information on the referral that I could go anywhere with him. Nevertheless, I try to look for the positives: at least I got cardio points on the bike. Now I can sit at home.


Today is Monday, February 7. Waiting I tested positive and my home quarantine went into isolation, contrary to what unscrupulous commentators have tried to convince me. The Home Quarantine app changed my quarantine end date, and besides, additional options, like changing my phone number or being able to call for help, disappeared from it. That’s a shame. I also received another phone call from Sanepid, with no information that I needed the app for anything. I can fill out an online application and rent a pulse oximeter. The test result and the end date of the insulation are indicated in black on white in the IKP application.

Interestingly, very shortly after my health clinic test, another machine called asking if I wanted to make an appointment with my GP. You can also see that the technique has advanced and the system is monitoring patients on Saturday afternoons as well.

Huawei still doesn’t have an answer for me why the Home Quarantine app can’t be installed on the P50 Pro. I haven’t received a response from the police either.

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Text source: Own

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