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Before this visit, a lot of confusion had settled around her. We did not know if the president of France would also be elected along with the leaders of Germany and Italy. Speculation mixed with denial. Some have explained the chaos in terms of security, but you might also think that Macron himself just wasn’t made up about it. Now, after the meeting, the opinions and comments of politicians are far from unanimous. Those who are not accustomed to criticizing strong European players see it as a historic and revolutionary event. The most critical are rather suspicious. To make matters more confusing, the first leaks of the talks and their consequences for each side also give new arguments. And in Poland, all this is overlaid by our political dispute.

Draghi, Macron, Scholz and Iohannis in kyiv. They speak with Zelenskiy

The meeting of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf began Thursday in kyiv …

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So let’s start with our backyard. From the beginning of the war, our politicians have been very active in the affairs of Ukraine. It manifested itself at several levels and, beyond the opinion of the dissident party of the leaders of the Confederation, even beyond the divisions. Regardless of the fact that everyone wanted to help and tried in various ways by organizing material, military, political and diplomatic support, this did not affect internal relations in Polish politics. Politicians, most often associated with the Civic Platform, have questioned all the actions of the authorities as belated, ineffective and irrelevant.

This applies even to such spectacular activities as subsequent visits to kyiv by President Duda, Prime Minister Morawiecki or President Kaczyński. Even the relatives of the leaders of Poland and Ukraine, visible to the naked eye, or the numerous thanks from the other side, addressed not only to Polish society, but also to the authorities, did not change the attitude of this part of the opposition. This does not change the fact that it was Andrzej Duda and Mateusz Morawiecki who demanded Ukrainian support, and they did so as Berlin awaited their inevitable, according to Germany, quick surrender. The fact that this is how they imagined the course of the war was repeated many times by the Ukrainian ambassador to this country.

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And yet any criticism of the conservative policy of Germany or France aroused the indignation of a large part of our opposition. Of course, this gradually changed, and it is also worth appreciating that the Polish left was able to adopt a clearer position vis-à-vis its German colleagues. The politicians of the Civic and Polish Platform 2050 did not exaggerate at such gestures. Today, when it comes to visiting heads of state (recall that President Zelensky’s guests took more than a hundred days), attempts are made to deny right-wing commentators and politicians the right to not even criticize, and therefore manage their enthusiasm more economically. Breakthrough and end.

Draghi, Macron, Scholz and Iohannis in kyiv. They speak with Zelenskiy

The meeting of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf began Thursday in kyiv …

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In addition, opposition representatives suddenly missed President Duda and reflected on his absence. There is no word that Duda has already left for kyiv and will probably leave again. The Polish president apparently only matters when he shines in the reflection of Scholz or Macron. “Yesterday’s visit to Kyiv showed the Ukrainians that they don’t need Poland as an advocate in the EU and that they can implement their main demands on Brussels without us. The PiS’s anti-European policy leads to the loss of Poland’s attractiveness as an Eastern policy partner for the EU and Kyiv,” writes Paweł Zalewski on twitter, currently in Poland in 2050. Bogusław Sonik, who follows its own paths, points out that even the German press writes that due to Scholz’s behavior, their country is losing influence in Central and Eastern Europe. This, however, is not appropriate for some to write, or perhaps even to think.

“It is not the attitude of Poland that has been criticized by media like Politico or the NYT. Scholz and Macron came under enormous international pressure, so they went. And they are more afraid of losing EU leadership or increasing the power of Eastern countries. Well, I understand, you have to hit Poland, and even blindly. ” – writes journalist Estera Flieger, writing this time to Maciej Gdula from the left, who is very painfully absent from the photo of the leaders of Prime Minister Morawiecki. “This is the price of a policy of moral superiority towards Germany and France on Russian aggression. Unfortunately, moral superiority ends in political inferiority.” “But that was a month ago” – soberly remarks the former representative of the same group, Anna Maria Żukowska, and their friend Paulina Matysiak actually closes the topic with the question “And three months ago you regretted the fact that there was no Macron, Scholz and Draghi in kyiv?”

Let’s go back to the results of what happened Thursday in kyiv. Things are not obvious at any level. Yes, at first glance it seems like a breakthrough that these gentlemen have finally (the words “finally” should be considered essential here) have reached their Ukrainian colleague. The image of Zelenskiy, receiving support and expressions of solidarity, spread around the world. With him are not only the leaders of countries traditionally wary of Russia, but also so far more or less Russian-speaking European powers. They stand with him, they talk about the cruelty of war, they call a spade a spade (again we ask “finally” …) – this is an important signal to the world. The message also reaches Russia. According to Jakub Wiech on Twitter, Moscow is reacting in the only way it knows how – the Russians have suspended gas deliveries to France and have limited or plan to drastically reduce deliveries to Germany and Italy. On the other hand, the European Commission, which must also be considered as reading the signals, grants Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidate countries. So it’s really a breakthrough and a great success!

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At least, it may seem so, but the mood is spoiled by what appears in the German press this morning. So far, we’ve associated Macron with phone calls to Putin and talking about the need for certain concessions to Russia, Scholz with labeling arms deliveries, and Draghi…the same as Macron, if we even associate the name of the President of Italy. After all, we only know from this country Salvini, always painted in dark colors, or Berlusconi, who is even worse, but belongs to the international concerned. The problem, however, is that, according to German newspaper leaks, President Zelensky, behind the facade of hugs and smiles, was to informally hear from his guests the same things as always. And if so, there is no breakthrough, and at best another problem. So let’s not rush to send history textbooks yesterday, because we don’t know yet what we’re really going to write about it.

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