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OnePlus was once a mess in the market. Carl Pei, its founder, will he repeat his success with another project? Nothing Phone evokes very strong emotions, especially after today’s presentation of the design of the next phone.

Foundation in 2013 company year OnePlus widely passed on to the smartphone market. The smartphones it offers with very good specification for an amazingly low price, they were a phenomenon. She was also interesting marketing strategy manufacturer – we could only buy the phones by invitation, so they were immediately associated with exclusivity and something really unusual.

Presentation of the Nothing phone 1 model

Photo / Nothing

UPDATE 06/17/2022

Some time ago, the founder of this company and the source of many of its most interesting ideas, Carl Pei, left her with the promise of a quick comeback in a big way. Now he keeps his promise with the company Nothing. His first call Nothing Telephone (1) causes great emotions on the Internet. Pei not only wants to ensure the commercial success of his new venture, but also to have it perceived as something unusualunlike any other company – exactly as it was at the very beginning of OnePlus.

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We have been waiting impatiently for several weeks official design presentation upcoming smartphone. According to numerous leaks and the words of the president of the company himself, the phone was supposed to be fed up unusual appearance and stand out from other brands, in particular through the use transparent glass on the back. This was to allow you to see the components responsible for the operation of the phone.

nothing phone 1 parrots teaser

Photo / Nothing

The official presentation of the smartphone took place June 15, but it was preceded by an interesting teaser campaign. Companies were featured on Twitter pictures of … parrots. Budgies of different colors sat on the new phone, the tiny parts of which we could see in each of the following photos. This prompted platform users to start playing with it. small gameby combining individual images and creating the complete image of the smartphone yourself. Sure The very use of parrots has also been widely discussed – What can they mean? There was a lot of speculation.

nothing phone teaser 2

Photo / Nothing

Luckily, we’ve already found out what the next phone looks like and it’s definitely unusual. Under transparent glass we will see components such as wireless charging module or camera module with cables connecting it to the motherboard. All this is covered with a white coating, against which the rough, metal screws and a small red dotwhose usefulness we do not yet know. The camera module also attracts attention – the phone is supposed to have two cameras on the back in a rather minimalist frame (by today’s standards). Absolutely the phone can be loved – I’m delighted with her appearance.

Nothing Phone 1 set

Picture Nothing

What else do we know about the next smartphone? We don’t have a lot of information. Here again, we can refer to the remarks of the president, Carl Pei, who mentioned that it was rather a matter of a representative middle shelf. For this reason, it will cost you approximately 500 euros (This is 2300 PLN). We also heard that the heart of the phone must be Snapdragon 7 Gen 1. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long for official information. The company announced that the premiere of the smartphone will be on July 12at an online event.

Update 06/17/2022

Two days ago, we finally saw the long-awaited Nothing Phone for the first time – a new project from the creator of the OnePlus brand. We also learned that its premiere will take place July 12. So we were surprised when Nothing, with the auction house, a day later StockXshe announced the first hundred telephone auctions, which will take place on June 21!

So if we are interested in buying limited edition of Nothing Phonesimply create an account on StockX and bid on any of the 100 phones in the current auction from June 21 to June 23! Just worth considering is it really worth encouraging such marketing practices?. The company wants to encourage its subscribers to buy at auction by engraving on this edition serial numbers – from 1 to 100. This is how they stand out and stand out collector’s item. So you can look at it more like investments than buying a smartphone for everyday use.

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