“The dandy from the sanatorium bent a padlock on my father. She thought she had a gacha with a thick wallet, but she miscalculated” – Real Life

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My company sent me for a week of training in September. I was even happy because the neighborhood was quite attractive, even at the end of summer. Besides, my father is several kilometers away he was in a sanatorium, so I was able to visit him. But when I called him to inform him of my visit, I didn’t hear much joy in his voice.

– You are not happy? – I asked surprised. – Let’s get the brewer together, huh?

– Okay, you just know… – as if hesitating. – I do not have a lot of time.

– How is it? – I was amazed. – You are in a sanatorium, what do you have to do there except go to the treatments?

“How could I tell you,” my father started to stutter. – Anyway, come on, son, let’s have a beer and let’s talk.

A few days later, I was there. After the class, I bought cream cakes (my father was a lover of all sweets) and, without warning, drove to the sanatorium building. At reception I was told that Mr. Zbigniew lives on the first floor, in one room. This news worried me a bit. I was counting on the fact that at least here dad would not be afraid of the company and take peace with someone for a partnership.

After the death of my mother – we recently celebrated our tenth anniversary – he locked himself in his shell of loneliness, he went nowhere, he met no one. Was already retired. Sometimes he just picked up something from old watches, of which he had a beautiful and valuable collection. It was a memento from his time as a watchmaker.

He clearly liked

Seeing me, my father was a little confused, he glanced quickly at the table, where I noticed a small watch, probably a ladies’ watch, a magnifying glass and a screwdriver, disassembled.

– What are you, dad, do you earn a supplement for your retirement or what? – I was surprised at the hello.

– Of course not! Father looked even more worried. – A lady’s watch broke, she soaked it in the jacuzzi… Why should she give such a jewel to someone else?

“Understood,” I mumbled. – I brought your favorite cream cakes. Make some tea, then maybe we can sit on the balcony. It’s still hot, let’s talk about it.

Somehow our conversation wasn’t sticky. The father was asking questions for my grandchildren, for my work, but hey I saw that his mind is elsewhere. He looked again and again through the balustrade to the small square where, enjoying the afternoon heat, the local patients were strolling. At some point, my father somehow moved more briskly, his eyes lit up.

I followed his gaze and saw that the object of his interest was an old lady, elegant, though perhaps a little too boldly dressed for her age. But my father really loved him because He was looking at her. And the lady walked slowly, her head held high, conscious of the impression she was making.

– She’s the one who soaked her watch in the bath? – I quit by default.

“Yes,” smiled my father. – Truth, what a beautiful woman? And smart, you can talk to him about anything! We sat together during the introductory party – here my dad lowered his voice and leaned in towards me. – I tell you how she dances!

– Oh, this is something new! – I laughed. – I thought you couldn’t dance.

I well remembered my mother complaining that my father had stepped on an elephant’s ear because he had no sense of rhythm.

“Of course I can,” Dad said proudly. – Angela just told me – he glanced furtively at his watch.

– Are you in a hurry somewhere? I asked uncertainly.

I invited Aniela for a walk, she wanted me to tell her about my studio, about watches – He looked at me meaningfully. “And before that you know I have to shave,” and he rose from his chair.

Father was not at all the first

I was even glad dad had entertainment here, though. I didn’t really like all this Mrs. Angela… As I passed reception, I nodded to the girl sitting there.

“You’re leaving fast,” she said, a little surprised.

“Well, Dad has other plans for the evening,” I smiled.

– And yes, she will probably go for a walk with our Mrs. Aniela – the girl nodded implicitly. – Dad is clearly under his spell, they are like lovebirds.

On my way to the hotel, I thought that things were probably not going well, since even the sanatorium staff had noticed my father’s affection for Mrs. Aniela. I only saw that woman for a moment, but she didn’t wake me up special trust. Father is a really honest and decent man and that would be a shame for a vampire. Probably ten years of loneliness made it easier for him for the autumn eclipse of the heart. And I didn’t want him to suffer from disappointed love afterwards.

He was supposed to be an adult and I shouldn’t interfere in his life, though. I felt I had to do something, for example to find out something about this Mrs. Angela. So on my next visit I inquired at the front desk talking to the girl sitting there. His communicability heightened when I put a box of chocolates on the desk, saying I brought them for my dad, who isn’t in the room right now…

– I saw them leave with Mrs. Aniela – explained the receptionist. – She’s a beautiful woman, but… I paused, letting the girl finish my sentence.

“Exactly,” she nodded immediately. – You know, she has been coming to us for many years and he will always find someone among the sick.

– Who do you mean? – I asked.

“Some sir…” the girl hesitated. – Well, a candidate for a companion in life. She is very lonely, the children have hurt her, she has given them everything and she has nowhere to live herself, so she is looking for an easy opportunity.

I thought of my father’s studiohe too left shortly after the death of his mother… He gave me his big apartment, he gave the business to my brother, he himself lived on a modest pension. And the beautiful Mrs. Aniela was probably not such a companion. I struggled with my thoughts, how tell all this to my father. I didn’t want to hurt him too much… He looked genuinely smitten with Angela, and there was such zest for life in his eyes that I hadn’t seen in him in many years. But I had to act.

It’s just a shame for a good watch…

The day before I finished my training, I bought her favorite cream cakes and left with the last visit. This time, I announced myself earlier. I didn’t want my father to be in a hurry again. To my surprise it turned out that he would be very eager to meet me.

– You’re not going to dance tonight? – I asked just on the threshold of the room. “Because I don’t want to bother you,” I said, handing her the cookies.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Dad replied in an oddly hushed tone. – Come on, I’m having a good tea, let’s talk about it…

I noticed that somewhere his recent zest for life has disappeared.

– And the lady with the sunken watches? I asked cautiously.

“Drenched,” automatically corrected my father. and shrugged. – You know, she lost interest in my watches when I mentioned that I had donated the workshop to her. to the younger son He sighed heavily. – Do you know what she said to me at the end? He snorted angrily. – That she ruined her watch for nothing…

– I don’t understand… – I looked at my surprised father.

– Well, because she threw that watch in the water on purpose to get closer to me. Do you know, she thought i was the guy with the money, she heard someone call me “master” – suddenly my father laughed. – And the woman miscalculated, because not only do I no longer have a studio or a large apartment, but I haven’t repaired this gem for her yet! – he’s laughing. – What did she think I was going to the sanatorium with the whole workshop or what?!

I also laughed because in an instant a stone fell on me of the heart – no sanitarium vampire can hurt my father. But somewhere in my soul, I felt a shadow of disappointment. Too bad, however, that it was his autumnal eclipse of the heart that ended like this.

– I’m just sorry for this watch, it was really a rarity – my father sighed and I immediately felt happier.

Reach for the fondant, I thought each of us he regretted something else…

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