O³ena Ze³enska in the last interview about the start of the war. “I felt like in a dream”

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Olena Zelenska in “The Guardian” explained that she was not ready to intensify Russian activities in Ukraine. – I didn’t think that would happen. I didn’t even have my passport ready – she said. When she discovered that it was already done, everything happened very quickly. The husband left the house and she and the children had to wait for the situation to change. “I had such a weird smile on my face, I didn’t want to show panic,” she recalled.

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Olena Zelenska. Silhouette of the wife of the President of Ukraine

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Olena Zelenska on the outbreak of war. “I thought I was dreaming”

On the morning of February 24, Volodymyr Zelensky left for the presidential complex in central Kyiv to chair a meeting of the security council. He had to decide on the first moves of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of other territories of Ukraine which had started a few hours earlier. He told his wife she had to wait – he was to call in a moment with instructions on what to do.

I felt like I was in a parallel reality, which I was dreaming. It was a surreal feeling… Like I was playing a video game and had to pass certain levels to be back home. I had a strange smile on my face all day because I tried not to show panic to my children – said Olena Zelenska in “The Guardian”

After a call from her husband, Ołena went to a “safe place”, which she does not want to reveal in an interview.

The children behaved perfectly. Usually you have to tell them something a million times, but on this day they did everything very quickly and obediently. Of course, we were in a strange state. Then we had a long waiting period. We watched the news and waited for the calls. The TV was on all the time.

The reporter noticed one detail – that is, the TV in the shelter mentioned by Zelenska.

I see you’re trying to extract clues from me. Yes we had a TV. I was neither underground nor underwater – explained the wife of the President of Ukraine.

She added that in the early days of the escalating attack on Ukraine, she had limited contact with her husband. Sometimes they talked, but not on their phones. Security told him to leave all his electronic devices and not log into his social media accounts.

Ołena Zelenska recalls young Zelenskiy

Olena Zelenska recalled in an interview that she met Volodymyr in childhood, as she attended the same school. Mutual interest, however, came during his studies – he was studying law at the Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute, she wanted to be an architect, therefore she also attended the local technical university.

Our classes were in competition with each other – it was like Montagues and Capulets. But then we met again in college and of course all that stupid stuff was over. I was happy to have met him because we had known each other since school. First we started being friends, then we started dating, she said.

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Zelenska pointed out that she and her husband are very different. She is composed, calm, it is sometimes difficult for her to contain her jokes. He’s always been like that.

Life with him is endless jokes. But sometimes I get tired of fooling around. And then it stops. If we had to argue, I would come to work and think about that argument all day. And he would come to work, forget the drama at home, and go into comedy mode. And then he went home in a good mood. I thought, “Why don’t you suffer like me?”

The Ukrainian president’s wife knew that although Zelenskiy started out as a comedian, he would also be a great leader with his feet on the ground.

He remembers texts very quickly and can pronounce them with confidence. He knows how to work with cameras. He does not play – he just has a predisposition. It’s extremely difficult for me to speak in public, I’m stressed every time, but it’s natural for him.

Ołena also mentioned that her husband “has qualities that make him able to withstand stress and maintain discipline.”

I’m not worried about his mental health, but about his physical health – he always gets sick after hard times. He catches a virus or something. I try to take care of him in this regard, but like all men, he does not like to check the temperature or the pressure. But I try to reach him.

Ukraine’s first lady added that she knows how war affects the mental health of Ukrainians and, “although they are not used to asking for help”, she hopes that will change.

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