Paweł Tyburski announces “help” on the cryptocurrency exchange … for a modest PLN 750

Paweł Tyburski, known for his appearances on “Love Island” and accosting some big players in the freak fight scene, returned announcing…a “special server” with help in investing in the cryptocurrency market.

At the outset, we must say one important thing: the cryptocurrency exchange is really no different from the traditional (or other) stock market. We have some good there which changes the price and depends on many factors. The price can go up or down in the blink of an eye.

Cryptocurrency exchange = normal exchange

Such an example to start with. A little exaggerated, but quite current. In mid-May we had a cryptocurrency like Shine. Within days, it lost 99% of its value. If someone bought the Luna crypto worth one million zlotys (!), then, after its value fell, he could boast of having a wallet of 185 PLN. No, not thousands of zlotys – just zlotys, zlotys.

It’s actually a decline from a “nice apartment in Krakow” to a “second-hand PS5 game”. And that’s the quintessence (albeit exaggerated) of the stock market. We don’t know what will happen next. You can predict you can search for signs in the sky.


Theoretically, this also gives you a chance to win quickly. If there are cryptos that are losing value, why can’t you find any that are gaining in value? It looks pretty real. In reality, however, such cases are quite rare.

“How can I know Paweł Tyburski?”

If you are a little younger or not in Fame MMA, then you have probably never met the figure of the good Paweł Tyburski. His media story started in earnest when he joined the first season of “Love Island.” Then he went through various social networks until he appeared in Fame MMA. You can’t deny him that he showed up badly – because the fights were pretty impressive.

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Recently he has been seen at Fame, Prime and High League galas. In fact, Paweł is now fighting at Prime MMA 2. Some felt he was “attention seeking”, challenging everyone to a fight at popular conferences.


You will ask “what other controversies does Paweł have behind him?” Even Maja Staśko criticized him (yes, she was missing here), when his ex-girlfriend released information that when Paweł was cheating on her (!), her lover wasn’t supposed to know which brother he had slept with (because, yes, Paweł has a twin brother). Then there was a controversy over the cosmetologist, injecting “beautifying” substances. It’s our native “Moda na succes” with a protagonist.


What is The Moon Team about?

In short? This is a paid special group in which we must receive various “signals” related to the evolution of the stock market. It can be a slight drop in price that can be used, or a signal to wait for a certain period. So, in short.

What coverage do these groups actually have? Sometimes a little, and very often nothing. There are people who analyze all available information and can predict changes in the market to some degree. But there are also people who set up mythical groups with signals that only serve to mow down the naive.

“Izi kasa” by Paweł Tyburski?

Paweł Tyburski has been promoting topics related to cryptocurrencies for quite some time. Previously, there was The Pro Moon, where he boasted of instant wins such as “350 PLN in 5 minutes”, “ROI 140%”, etc. Now he praises the effects of The Moon Team, showing the income of people who would be in his group. Someone was going to win 402% and “sat there [na giełdzie] until 2 a.m.”.


And now he’s advertising The Moon Team. Through this, Paweł tells his fans that “just enter his group and you can earn thousands!!!”. is it actually? It is difficult to define it unequivocally. Do not forget that Paweł Tyburski, Martirenti or, for example, Maja Staśko, can easily manipulate people’s reactions by showing only selected opinions.

The Moon Team, a company announced by Paweł Tyburski
The Moon Team, or a company announced by Paweł Tyburski (Own)
The Moon Team, a company announced by Paweł Tyburski
The Moon Team, or a company announced by Paweł Tyburski (Own)
The Moon Team, a company announced by Paweł Tyburski
The Moon Team, or a company announced by Paweł Tyburski (Own)

They only show the good, happy viewers/fans – that’s what most influencers do. Why beat yourself up with criticism when you can show that xxxMaciuxsxxx is saying “I’m doing a great job!” We also don’t know how many people were positive, how much money they lost, and how much they actually gained.


The Moon Team website is unfinished

Through the profile of The Moon Team we enter their website And what? Hey, take care. Be careful, there will be a lot of “XD”.

The moon team, the earnings
The Moon Team, earnings (Own materials)

When we brag about huge earnings of 12 million euros on our site (!!!), it would be nice to have a complete site. Let’s check the “Contact” tab, where we should find a way to communicate with help. The top of the page looks cool, but a little scroll down and the fun begins.

Moon team contact section
Moon team contact section (customized)

The direct contact contains in the description “Lorem ipsum”, i.e. a placeholder, a working text xD

The Moon Team, a company announced by Paweł Tyburski
The Moon Team, or a company announced by Paweł Tyburski (Own)

Similarly, in the important Q&A section, where in response to the questions “Are my cryptocurrency assets safe when investing?” or “How long has DeFi X been running?” we see… another placeholder xD

The Moon Team, a company announced by Paweł Tyburski
The Moon Team, or a company announced by Paweł Tyburski (Own)


Let’s dive deeper into this swamp. Q&A mentions DeFi X… which is a model. Yes, this site is just talking just a modelwhich was purchased and shifted slightly to The Moon Team. There’s nothing wrong with using a template, but it would be nice to put some work into refining it for your project. Even someone didn’t want to replace the Q&A section with its original version.

The Moon Team, a company announced by Paweł Tyburski
The Moon Team, or a company announced by Paweł Tyburski (Own)

Even further: we have icons on the home page to confirm that “the site is secure”. We see Visa, Telegram (?), Mastercard or the Binance exchange. THE PROBLEM IS AN XD

When we click on the icons, we will to incl. YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitch. That’s all this security is? That they are, but no one cares?

The Moon team website
Moon Team (The Moon Team) Website

By the way, comments under Instagram profiles are… none. For 7 thousand. followers and six posts, we only have a few comments – including two Poles. And they doubt the whole project, to which the owner/administrator replied quite dryly:

The Moon Team, a company announced by Paweł Tyburski
The Moon Team, or a company announced by Paweł Tyburski (Own)

We are not 100% sure if this is a scam.

The group, which we have access to for 169 dollars (!!!), has just offered signals from the stock market. So theoretically it’s supposed to be a group where someone who has an idea on the subject, researches and analyzes the trends – and finally shares some predictions with the group so that everyone can enjoy themselves a little less well.


There is a big problem: the stock is an exchange. Some changes in individual cryptocurrencies cannot be predicted. You can replace the word “stock market” with another term: “lottery”.

Why the lottery? Well, for quite some time the stock market has seen almost every decline. Only from June 11 to June 14, Bitcoin lost 25,000 PLN of its value, or about 20%. ⅕ of the value of our wallet (if we were to put it all in BTC) could be gone in three days.

Too much 🚩🚩🚩

Signal groups are often scams. It cannot be described otherwise, because there are a large number of people on the Internet who rely on the naivety of investors. Of course, I don’t deny that you can’t find decent groups to help you out.


The problem with The Moon Team is that there are a lot of red flags behind the band – i.e. “bad signs”. Lots of negative comments on the web, an unfinished site with lots of errors or a general bad opinion in the environment.

Would you throw more than 700 PLN on a website that has a fake Q&A section? Respect your money – and the people you give it to.

I can’t say unequivocally that it’s a scam. Paweł Tyburski himself says that “he advertises it for the fans”when he shows the lucky scholarship holders who have won this fortune. How much truth is there in that? As it’s internet, I can’t answer. Be careful with yourself – and where you pack your money.


Source: Vibez own edition

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