“We were ignored.” She waited half the night. The bus never came [LIST]

  • “I arrived at the bus station 15 minutes before departure. There was no bus. They received a message that the trip was delayed for 20 minutes, then another 30 minutes” – describes the situation in german station
  • “For the next three hours we called the dispatcher. The girl replied the same: ‘Please wait, the bus will arrive in 20-30 minutes. “Always the same” – adds the woman
  • “I am from Ukraine and when I was left alone in a foreign city, I found that at home Chernihiv sirens were blaring, which had not been activated for more than two months” – writes the reader
  • “It was cold. No one called us and informed us that the trip at 7:45 p.m. was canceled, no one sent another bus. The dispatchers stopped answering the phone” – he emphasizes
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Below we publish the full letter sent to the editorial staff of Onet Podróże.

“The dispatcher started ignoring us”

“I had bought a bus ticket from Dresden to Jelenia Góra (6 euros) for Saturday June 11 at 7:45 p.m. I arrived at the bus station 15 minutes before departure. There was no bus. At 7:45 p.m. the bus did not come. At the station I met people who were also waiting for the bus, they were told that the journey had been delayed for 20 minutes, then another 30 minutes.

We called the dispatcher for the next three hours. The girl replied: “Please wait, the bus will arrive in 20-30 minutes.” The same all the time.

later She did not answer the phone numbers from which we have already called. She started ignoring us. It was almost midnight and we stayed at the station. We waited the whole time as we were told and paid for the tickets in advance.

I am from Ukraine and at the moment when I was left alone in an unfamiliar city, I found sirens screaming in my native Chernihiv, which have not been launched for more than two months. There were warnings about rocket fire. I panicked because my family is there now and there was no contact with them then. Fortunately, everything is fine now.

I met Patryk, a young boy from Poland, who was also going to Jelenia Góra and trying to calm me down. We spread the blanket and pillows and lay on the floorwe were very tired.

It was cold. No one called us and informed us that the 7:45pm trip was cancelled, no one sent another bus. Dispatchers stopped answering phone calls. They gave us the number of drivers who were uninformed. I was going to various other drivers and asking them to call their company managers and tell them about our problem, but they refused and suddenly stopped talking.

I met all the people at the bus station because I speak English. It turned out that there were also travelers who waited 3 hours for the bus to Berlin and then went to look for a hostel. Another group of tourists were waiting for buses to other cities in Germany – they waited and didn’t see it.

At 2 a.m. a bus from Dresden to Wrocław arrived. We begged the driver to pick us up, he was confused he made us pay for tickets on the website. I paid around 130 PLN and got on the bus. What if the bus doesn’t arrive? Or would there be no seats? Should we spend the night at the station? I was supposed to be in Jelenia Góra at 23:00, I found myself in Wrocław at 5:35 the next day and around 6:30 I went to Jelenia Góra, where I had to pay for a new ticket again (about 20 PLN). Not only did I lose money, but it cost me a lot of energy, I barely slept. I came home around 9am” – the reader describes her experience in a letter to the editor.

We tried to contact the carrier. At the time the letter was published, we had not received a response.

Letters to the Editor

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