Week 26: Elliott Waves for SP500, CAC40, CHAINLINK, USD/JPY, SOYABEANS.

I invite you to the weekly Coffee Grounds i.e. updated Elliott wave markings for monitored indices, major currency pairs and commodities after the last session.
Here it shows what was, and only on the preferred systems for a given value. I never brag about my hand when it was shown as an alternative. And at AstroElliott, you’ll find possible scenarios for the future, always with a favorite.

From the department “North America” this time contracts for This is ESF, where the preferred bullish pattern was canceled, which assumed that the downward correction would end on a triple (a) (b) (c) Int. The descent to new lows after a rebound canceled this assumption. Therefore, the bear system entered the game, assuming the complex system (w) (x) (y), and the last bounce should be marked as wave (x) Int. The drop from its summit is the wave (y) Int. As for ranges, we have Zigzag-like relationships here, so (y) = 62% x (w) and equality (y) = (w). The market has very little to do with the former. The latter is at 3,174 points. A note here. In the first graph, the range (y) = (w) is displayed incorrectly. Initially I assumed the wave (x) at the down line. It turned out to be much lower, but the measurement remained on the graph. Now I couldn’t change it because it’s an image:


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For a detailed report of foreign markets, see the section America

From the department “Poland and Euroland” contracts again on This is MX.F., where I assumed a descending wave 5 in the final corner in C minor. This wave has already gone below the low of the III Minute wave, so the wedge is full, but the lower band is still far away. The downfall doesn’t have to end there. A DB with an A Minor wave trough may suffice.



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The Euroland Markets report can be found under the section heading Poland and Euroland.

From the section “Crypto-currencies” This time CHAIN ​​(LINK.V), where I assumed the minor C wave in (5) Int. in the termination corner. Here we have even lows, which may end Int. wave (5), but the rise in the hole has been corrective, so there will likely be another downside impulse. The whole inside the wave (5) of the Int will therefore have to be written in double Zigzag WXY Minor. The theoretical range for Int wave (5) In this wedge (162% expansion of wave (1)) is at the $3.80 level, so much lower:



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The Asian markets report can be found in the section Cryptocurrencies.

From the department “Currencies” This time raccoon dog i.e. a couple , where it may be of interest, as we have a designated maximum range for wave 5 minor in the growth pulse, which in this case cannot be longer than wave 3 minor. I assumed a return of around 135 jpy and it showed up. The problem is that it’s almost cancelled. This may be the second wave of the downward impulse, but when it reaches new highs, and specifically breaks the 136.3 jpy level, the system will be canceled. A drop below the wave and Minute low will confirm the trend change to downtrend:



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For current charts and a detailed overview of the analyzed currency pairs, see the section Currencies.

From the department “Commodities and Metals” this time somewhat forgotten contracts on SOYBEANSThis is ZS.F, where I was looking for the top of wave 5 Minor and I think I found one. The return will be confirmed by a further drop below the low of the wave and the minute:



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The report for goods and metals can be found in the section Raw materials and metals.

PS1. I remind you that on the site astroElliot 27 items are currently being analyzed. Detailed list of tickers analyzed below:
North America: YM.F(), SP.F(SP500), NQ.F(NASDAQ100); interval wk, eod, 60 min and 10 min;
Poland and Euroland: DY.F (), MX.F (CAC40), XF (), FW20, MW40 and WIG; interval wk, eod, 60 min and 10 min;
Cryptocurrencies: bitcoin,,, chain link; interval wk, eod, 60 min and 10 min;
Currencies: EUR/USD,,,, USD/JPY,,; interval wk, eod, 60 min and 10 min;
Raw materials and metals: CL.F (oil), HG.F (), (), (), ZC.F (corn), ZS.F (soy); interval wk, eod, 60 min and 10 min;


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