Ford Focus Active Kombi – test, reviews, technical data, price. Does he still have that “something”?

The Ford Focus has been an automotive icon for over 20 years. This is a car that needs no introduction. A popular compact unit some time ago received a facelift… Does it still have that “something” that made drivers love it?

The Ford Focus was almost a revolution when it hit the road in 1998 to replace the Escort. It stood out for its body style or the appearance of the dashboard. Almost immediately it became one of the most purchased and popular models. In 2018, the fourth generation Focus hit the roads and last year it received a facelift treatment.

We checked if the Ford Focus Estate still had that “something” that made drivers love it!

Ford Focus Active Kombi, photo by Beata Chojnacka

Ford Focus Active Kombi – design, dimensions

After the facelift, the front of the car changed. With the new bonnet design, the front edge of the bonnet is higher and the Ford “blue oval” has been transferred from the edge of the bonnet to the center of the larger upper air intake, which depending on the selected styling line , will have different finishing details. Additionally, the Focus has narrow LED headlights.

Compared to the standard model, its “off-road” version stands out, among other things, increased ground clearance and plastic wheel arch covers. An interesting and very practical design element are retractable plastic-rubber door stops, thanks to which we will not cover the paint.

Ford Focus Active Estate
Ford Focus Active Kombi, photo by Beata Chojnacka

The Ford Focus Active Kombi is 4693mm long, 1848mm wide and 1504mm high. The wheelbase is 2700 mm. The capacity of the luggage compartment is 635 litres, and even 1653 liters with the rear seats folded down. It is one of the largest luggage racks in the segment and larger purchases (hooks and handles for bags will be useful) or a family of several people can take it in. Carrying a stroller will certainly not be a problem.

The Ford Focus Active Kombi also collects points for functionality thanks to a special handle that allows the roller shutter to be quickly removed and the trunk buttons that fold down the rear seats.