How to Factory Reset Phone on Android?

Sometimes we have no other choice and we have to factory reset the phone. Maybe it’s time to buy a new handset and the old device needs to be prepped for sale, other times we can’t handle the errors or problematic software that slows down the smartphone. Although the restoration procedure is not particularly complicated, it is worth preparing for it.

Factory data reset and phone reset. Contents:

  1. How to prepare the smartphone before the “reset” – what do you need to know?
  2. How to factory reset the phone in a standard way?
  3. What is a hard reset and how do I do it? When all else fails…
  4. My phone is slowing down, but I don’t want to reset. What can I do?

How to prepare the phone before the “reset” – what do you need to know?

We should be aware that factory resetting the phone is a last resort and a step to take if other solutions have failed. This operation is irreversible and most common accordingly we will lose all data – so it is worth taking care to download them to other devices in advance or make a backup in the cloud.

The reset procedure is especially useful in two cases – with phone sales to another person (leaving the data can be expensive for us) or in case of serious problems that they report software problem. The worst possible scenario is that the smartphone is infected with a virus, malware or other malicious software that puts us in danger.

reset android phone

When creating a backup, remember that copying photos, videos, and other files is only part of the problem. Tabs and can be equally important to us browser data (passwords, browsing history) that we can sync after logging in to google account. If we don’t use Chrome, synchronization option can be found in the settings of a given application (virtually all major browsers have it).

Multimedia can be easily transferred using a wired connection to a laptop or computer. Optionally we can also use a free one for this purpose AirDroid appserving, among other things, for remote connection and file operations (therefore the cable is not necessary).

We can find it at the following address:

AirDroid: remote access / files – Apps on Google Play

backup android airdroid

How to restore the smartphone to factory settings?

Restoring the phone to factory settings is not a complicated procedure. Let’s start by going to the control panel Settings and find a bookmark System:

factory reset smartphone android phone
factory reset phone

Then we choose Reset options and Erase all data (factory reset). For phones OnePluswe have the possibility to leave files and some settings (music, photos and videos):

android reset options

On smartphones Samsung and Huawei the restore option can be found after entering the phrase in the search engine reset (after going to the panel Settings). In the list of results, in both cases, an option with this name will appear, and after clicking we will have access to the tabs Factory settings (Samsung) I Return to factory settings (Huawei):

Reset Samsung Factory Reset

Telephones Xiaomi use a slightly different nomenclature. After going to the panel Settings we only enter the search engine reset or go to the tab About phone. Then choose an option Backup and Reset:

reset xiaomi phone

Tongue Factory settings located at the very bottom in the section Personal information. We will confirm our choice by clicking on Reset phone:

restore xiaomi settings

Hard reset and factory settings. When all else fails…

A bigger problem arises when we have lost access to free use of the phone. Fortunately, the restoration procedure can also be carried out through the so-called hard reset.

The problem in this case is the lack standardization – each manufacturer allows you to call emergency menu in a different way (for example, Samsung devices like to use a button residence), and individual models differ in navigating in this mode (buttons may have different functions).

android recovery mode

The most popular method, however, is to hold down the buttons Power (responsible for turning on the smartphone) i Turn up the volume (Turn up the sound). We use this combination when the phone is off, preferably connected to power. It may take a while to start up, don’t worry about the black screen. After seeing the menu, choose from the available options Recovery modewhich is recovery mode. Now we have to wait by holding down the buttons again (power and volume up again) until the Android logo appears.

At this point, the smartphone will present us with several options to choose from. We are interested in the position wipe data / factory reset (or an equivalent in another language), and our selection will be confirmed by an order Yes – erase all user data. As we can guess, resetting will also involve data loss in this case.

android hard reset

My phone is slowing down, but I don’t want to reset. What can I do?

The overall slowdown of your phone may be the result of a plethora of installations useless appswhich consume system resources, and sometimes even run in the background. The Android documentation shows that the system can run noticeably slower if we fill the disk space more than 90%. So let’s take a look at the list of programs and think about what we’re really using – it often happens that we install something on the spur of the moment and then forget about it.

The list of applications and their space for data can be seen after going to the window Settings and find the article Apps and Notifications or similar (unfortunately the exact name depends on the manufacturer of the phone and the system layer used by it):

oneplus factory settings
free up android space

We can also easily clean the phone from unnecessary junk from the options level Internal storagewhich is also in Settings:

android phone cleaning

After clicking redirect Free up space, we can easily select multiple items at once. Remember not to delete any data that is important to us without making a backup. We will also regain a lot of space by browsing Gallery – the most space will be occupied by movies that can be copied to other devices.

If the tips above do not help and we suspect the presence of malware, we should take advantage of anti-virus program. One of the leading solutions in the mobile market is Bitdefender Mobile Security, Avast Mobile Security and Norton 360. Personally, however, I would recommend resetting the phone in this case.

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