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The modern world allows us to achieve what we could only dream of in the past. Continuous technological development is felt in almost all spheres of life – but the expansion of opportunity comes at a price. Also when it comes to electronics, and more specifically gadgets.

The last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees lived according to the findings 8 million years ago (interestingly, it was possible to advance such a thesis thanks to statistical modeling techniques). We can talk about extraordinary discoveries and hypotheses about our roots thanks to the development of technology. Kasper Kalinowski, PhD student at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw, points out – evolution does not follow, and people are not afraid of the dangers they should have.

Modern technology – electronic equipment

The heritage of great inventors allows constant innovation in many scientific fields. Through research, experience and work, we can enjoy technological innovations directly from home. Among these numerous support of engineers and scientists, the equipment greatly exceeds expectations and even goes against to meet our needs. Huge companies invest billions of dollars in projects, and we – use devices convinced that they are some kind of bargain. Over the decade, the importance of equipment that can successfully accompany us outside the home has increased dramatically. Initially, it allowed us to get off the screens and enjoy the fresh air without restriction. Even when we’re expecting an important call, we’re checking our pulse or checking our workout – all it takes is ‘on hand’ connected watch or connected bracelet.

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Electronic gadgets – history and possibilities

The history of the first electronic watch goes back 1946 when it appeared purely fanciful in the hand of detective Dick Tracy (comic book by Chester Gould). Interesting gadgets were often shown on large screens – incl. in star trek if Without fear. The first company that made buying an electronic watch possible was Hamilton in 1972.

Pulsar P1 - Model # 2800

Pulsar P1 – Model # 2800, Source: Watch I Love

Over time, new innovations appeared and the company producing the revolutionary gadget was joined by other brands such as Casio and Seico. This is what the Japanese manufacturer presented in 1983 the first smart watch enable wireless connectivity (Seiko-2000 data). It is impossible to forget the exit Casio WMP-1V MP3 from 2000 – which allows you to play music. A modern counterpart (Sony SmartWatch) was first released in 2012, but in the same year Pebble was also released. The examples can be multiplied – evolution takes time. It should be remembered that the refinement of these iconic accessories gave rise to current innovations.

Devices currently available on the market are capable of e.g. down:

  • data analysis
  • check of vital signs
  • count the steps
  • measure cadence, speed
  • payment (NFC)

Equip yourself with more and more advanced accessories with many sensors to support you in your daily challenges. The purpose of portable devices is to expand possibilities and detach themselves from the screen. If you suffer from unstable heart rhythm problems, an accessory capable of measuring it is sufficient instead of a large heart rate monitor. Also, forget about keeping a diary and recording values ​​- this will do it for you. The question is, after getting used to doing activities for ourselves, would we remember the constant check? Probably not, although that doesn’t mean our memory was at a much higher level before use. Nevertheless, our brain perceives more and more stimuli – the calculation of the content to be stored in long-term memory is underway.

Source: Unsplash / Son of Igor

Gadget – security

Have you ever heard that leaving the house without your phone is irresponsible? Currently, the alternatives are also smart watches, smart bracelets and navigation accessories. They build both in us and in our loved ones – security feeling. We can contact each other at any time, receive notifications and thus remain under a certain control. Shaping this feeling begins to have a strong impact, especially as it begins to permeate more and more of our lives. However, to avoid being cut off from the virtual world, aren’t we losing touch with reality? To answer this question, it is necessary to track the time spent in front of the screen, the number of clicks on the screen and the times during which you put all the gadgets aside.

According to the study, up to 75% of respondents find the temptation of notifications so strong that they automatically look at screens.

Innovative devices have the ability location browsing and downloading, which is a common need among parents of toddlers and not only. The amplification of such behavior is detrimental to those involved, as it can quickly turn into a strong desire for guidance. Indulging in a hint of fantasy, it is worth introducing parental controls in the episode of the Black Mirror series. “Archangel”. The mother of a young child begins to use innovative equipment that allows, among other things, to locate your toddler. When a girl becomes a teenager, her mother watches every move – with access to video of the young woman’s surroundings. Unfortunately, the problem of compulsive control goes beyond screens, and more – with increasing intensity. Control becomes an addiction and becomes a real obsession.

He also noticed the problem himself Kamil Sadkowski – ESET threat analyst. However, the victims of security problems are not only children, but also partners, relatives and friends.

Modern Technology and Gadgets: Do They Expand or Captivate?

Arkangel, black mirror

Chance or enslavement?

It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of whether the gadgets currently available on the market bring more harm or good to the average user. It all depends on the approach, usage and therefore time spent tracking push notifications and interactions. There are still no studies showing specific data on the severity of addiction in Poland, but this is not a sign that the problem does not exist. Do you remember a situation where you went on a trip and received 3 phone calls, 5 emails and social media notifications within hours? Constant alerts prompt you to take specific action, forgetting to relax. A significant proportion of users are spending more and more time in virtual reality. As a result, we’re constantly stuck with information, while our brain longs for some peace. The incentive is the perfect recipe for ill-being, and even a step towards behavioral addiction. Of course, we know how easy it is to get used to conveniences, so excluding gadgets from our lives seems like a bad omen. The main thing is to use the functionality of accessories so that they do not obscure everyday life. Let’s analyze the possible threats, using common sense.

Be Moderate in Everything – Horace

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