New connected watch from Garett. How much does Garett Classy cost? [ZDJĘCIA]

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Garett’s new smartwatch

The popularity of smartwatches is not decreasing and more and more people are convinced of this. The multitude of designs makes smart watches complement the styling of not only athletes, but also businessmen. Women and men can now choose from different models to choose the one that best suits their needs. Let’s see what the Garett brand, which has just launched Garett Classy, ​​has to offer us.

The Garett Classy smartwatch is an ideal proposition for people who appreciate elegance and functionality. This model will be perfect for everyday use, during active vacations, as well as in training. The watch has a steel mesh bracelet, which is very resistant to damage. At any time, you can replace it with the bracelet included in the set – thanks to this, you can change the look of your smartwatch in seconds! The Garett Classy watch automatically wakes up when you move your hand. Using the high-resolution touchscreen, you can reject an incoming call, start a pedometer, or manage a playlist on your phone. Garett Classy is compatible with any smartphone, it connects to both Android and iOS. Downloading the FitCloud Pro app to your phone will, for example, track your workout progress and give you unlimited access to your saved data.

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The Garett Classy smartwatch has a pedometer that will prove useful not only during walks and trips, but also in everyday life. When the device does not detect any movement for an extended period of time, it will send you a notification. The smartwatch has many sports modes: running, volleyball, swimming, yoga, basketball and walking. Thanks to them, you can check the number of calories burned and the distance traveled, as well as the time spent on a given activity. Garett Classy is also equipped with a heart rate monitor and a pulse oximeter. The menstrual calendar function will also certainly be useful for women – after filling in the information in the application, a notification about the upcoming menstruation will appear on the screen.

The Garett Classy smartwatch will cope perfectly even in the most difficult conditions, thanks to the IP68 waterproof class, which offers the highest level of protection against the effects of humidity, dust, rain and mud. It also means you can even swim with your watch on so you don’t have to take it off before you hit the pool!

The watch has a built-in thermometer and will keep you informed of the temperature outside and if there is a chance of rain.

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Do you ever put your phone somewhere and search the whole apartment for it? With the Garett Classy Smartwatch, you’ll never do that again! The “find phone” option will help you find a lost device. Click on the appropriate button in the menu, and after a while you will hear a sound and/or vibration notification generated by the smartphone.

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If you want to extend the battery life of your smartwatch, use battery saver mode. The Bluetooth connection will be suspended, but you can continue to use the sport modes or the pedometer without any problem. The Garett Classy smartwatch is available in the following colors: black, gold-black, pink and gold for 339 PLN.


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