Take the NOT just any train! The best books for the holidays

Looking for a book to read while on vacation? We recommend the best travel-themed books.

Holidays start at any time, and railways and trains have accompanied us on our family trips for years. Lately, I have spent a lot of time using this means of transport, so I could not deprive myself of the pleasure of reading travel novels whose action takes place on the train! Fun and an unforgettable atmosphere guaranteed 😊

Amor Towles “Lincoln Highway”

Take the NOT just any train!  The best books for the holidays

With this book, traveling by train will become a great experience! This story will charm you will take you back to the 1950s on a trip down the Lincoln Highway through the 13 states of America.

June 1954. Eighteen-year-old Emmett Watson returns to the family farm immediately after leaving reform school. He is welcomed by his eight-year-old brother, Billy, who wants to go to San Francisco in search of their mother. They don’t expect their plans to change their turn quickly, and the boys themselves they will come across the story of a hidden treasure, they will take a train journeyin which will be waiting for them, among others dishonest preacher, Pastor John.

Lincoln Highway captivates with its style and expression, it is a vivid portrait of growth in the 1950s. Billy, fascinated by stories about the heroes of ancient Greece, will delight the hearts of readers. There will also be peculiar, albeit tragic, heroes, antagonists and captivating references to the classics (the figure of Odysseus). I like the atmosphere that the reader can feel with the melancholy, the loss of the characters, the desire for love or the reconciliation with the past.

Andrzej Wardziak “Sunny”

Take the NOT just any train!  The best books for the holidays

Sławek Szatkowski, a 40-year-old divorced programmer, travels from Warsaw to Prague to visit his gravely ill father. His journey begins in darkness, cold and silence in an almost deserted train station. The first few hours, the old cars, the long hallways and the bad waitress in Warsaw didn’t cheer him up. In the range where soon he gets tired, he has strange dreams, unpleasant memories come back. To ward them off, he begins to wander between the cars, observing the other passengers.

When she begins to make contact with them, things take an unexpected turn. Every minute spent, every kilometer traveled, measured with precision with the monotonous rattling of the wheels of the undercarriage in the dark, they bring Sławek closer to the discovery of a ghostly secretrooted in a painful event of the past.

Agatha Christie “Murder on the Orient Express”

Take the NOT just any train!  The best books for the holidays

Agatha Christie is known for the creativity that accompanies her criminal intrigues, and the book “Murder in the Orient Express” was recognized as one of the most important cases carried out by the famous detective Hercule Poirot.

The cult sleuth travels west from Siberia to Europe on a luxurious overnight train with 13 other passengers. When the train stops in the mountains of Siberia, a murder occurs in the middle of the night. You can immediately see that one of the passengers committed a crime, because no one could get on or off the train in such weather conditions and in such places. However, each of the passengers has an irrevocable alibi for that night.

Murder on the Orient Express brings together all the necessary ingredients for a quick and unforgettable read: an atmospheric environment, a mysterious crime, isolated passengers full of charisma and non-obviousness. “The Queen of Secrets” will not disappoint its readers this time!

Christina Baker-Kline “Orphan Trains”

Take the NOT just any train!  The best books for the holidays

At the beginning of the 20th century, thousands of unmarried children were transported From “orphan trains” of starving New York to farms in the American Midwest. Viviane was one of them. The woman tried to erase the difficult years from her memory, but the trunks in the attic kept the testimonies of her past.

The main character emigrated from Ireland with her family as a young girl. At the age of nine, his family died in a building fire. She, along with hundreds of other orphans, was put on a train to Minnesota, hoping there would be people willing to adopt her. Meanwhile, he meets Molly, an Indian and through their growing friendship, they both learn more about survival and second chances.

I’m curious what book will you take on vacation? Do you have such books that you return to regularly?

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