Tech news is changing the world of online gambling

Online casinos, like everything that ends up on the net, are constantly evolving. They offer more and more possibilities and introduce new technologies that take this gameplay to a whole new level.

If we compare today the possibilities offered by a classic land-based casino and those offered by an average website, the gap in favor of an internet portal would be enormous. This is due to modern technologies, which often perfectly match the profile of the activities of such a portal, and sometimes also to the changing needs of potential recipients.

HTML5 – A Little-Known Technology That Changed the Whole Internet

Despite the fact that HTML5 technology has been with us since 2014, few people know how much it has influenced the way people browse the Internet. The new version of the page programming language (markup) made it much easier to create universal web portals, which often took on the role of computer programs, adapting to the device on which they are run.

Many changes have been introduced, but the most important of them – the one that had a huge impact on the game market is the one that allows you to run games of chance online directly from the web browser – without unnecessary downloading of drivers and other supporting software. It is thanks to HTML5 that you can activate on the gambling site and without worrying about anything, click on the game and after a few moments you can have fun.

HTML5 introduced another extremely important change: adaptation to mobile devices. Until ten years ago, when most websites were launched from a mobile device, you must have struggled to scroll left to right, up and down, and to zoom in and out of the displayed image. Today, including any portal (including casinos), everyone can guess that everything will adjust accordingly, and they only have to move the image up and down. This was achieved through automatic adaptation to the device on which the website is running.


Once mankind got to know about cryptocurrencies, it was immediately obvious that they would become very useful when it comes to gambling. To the chagrin of central banks, the circulation of electronic currencies is by definition impossible to monitor. It is a network that creates an architecture for storing data in such a way as to ensure the immutability of data with respect to history. Thanks to this, no one from the outside can look into this network, manipulate it and see what transactions someone is carrying out. This gives you the true anonymity that is so valued in the online gambling world. It’s no wonder the option to pay and play with cryptocurrencies is used so often by gambling operators. Until a few years ago Bitcoin payments were not available in any casino, and today this method is becoming a standard that should be provided by all major gaming sites.

Live games, virtual and augmented reality

The ability to play live has become one of the biggest innovations in the iGaming industry. The option to “move” to a real casino, where a professional croupier who draws the player’s results stands at the real roulette table, provides incredible immersion and makes the gaming experience feel completely different.

More and more often you hear about the development of a live game on virtual reality or augmented reality. The first option would allow the player to move to the virtual casino from their room level, where they can walk around these places and enjoy the available attractions as if they were in a real casino. If you combine this technology with live streaming, you could achieve something amazing. Something that would rock all online casinos. For the moment, however, we enter the question of AR (augmented reality), that is, the connection of the real world with the created world.

The possibilities of this technology are constantly being developed. It’s still a long way from what you can imagine today, but it’s nothing we won’t experience in a few/several years.

Two-step login verification

All the big ones in the industry currently have a two-step verification process to log into an account on their services. Since real money is used in online casinos, you need to take care of your account. After all, no one would want a burglar to be able to lose/withdraw their funds for the game. Two-step verification gives you almost one hundred percent certainty that if the login credentials are taken over, the person won’t be able to anyway not log in to the account.

Special algorithms detect that there is a connection from a new device / IP and ask for additional security, most often the SMS code sent to the registered phone number. Then, to access the account, the burglar would have to access the current login credentials, but also the phone, which is much more difficult.

Fintech – increasingly convenient and secure money transfer

One of the fastest growing areas of the Internet is banking and general technologies that facilitate the transfer of money online. Fintech also strongly influences the convenience of using online casinos. It is enough to compare the possibilities of a few years ago, when reloading a casino account was associated with even several days of waiting for the transfer to be displayed. Today, it is enough to use BLIK or another innovative method, and depositing or withdrawing money will be much faster, so that the fun can begin after a few moments.

Every year new innovations can change the world of online gambling

The Internet is evolving at an incredible speed. Therefore, every year we are surprised by more and more innovative solutions that can significantly affect the convenience of using the website or the games themselves. One can only speculate as to what else might appear, but the best course will be to simply be patient and wait, which could surprise gambling operators for years to come.

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