The five most interesting developments in the economy right now

1. The Council of the EU has adopted our KPO, we are getting closer to the money of the Reconstruction Fund

The Council of the European Union, made up in this case of EU finance ministers, approved the Polish national reconstruction plan, which is a fundamental step on the way for Poland to obtain funds from the the EU. The decision of the European Commission almost three weeks ago was important, but only a recommendation. The appropriate political decision was taken by majority vote of the Council. Even if the case was not obvious, it finally turned out that nobody was against, and only the Netherlands abstained.

Poland can get a total of €35.4 billion from the Reconstruction Fund, including €23.9 billion in grants and €11.5 billion in loans. More than 40 percent of this money is earmarked for renewable energy and environmental protection purposes, and another more than 20 percent. for digitization, that is to say mainly to bring fiber optic networks to the Polish countryside, better accessibility of public services on the Internet and better equipment of schools with computer equipment.

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