This is how Mark Zuckerberg works on VR glasses. They will be technological marvels, but…

Impressions almost indistinguishable from reality? That’s Marek Zuckerberg’s goal in his work on brand new VR glasses.

You must have heard of the Oculus brand at least once, and maybe even when that company was taken over by Facebook (today the company operates as Meta). Was Mark Zuckerberg planning such bold and futuristic moves at that time? It’s hard to say, but over the past two years it’s become clear that the boss of Meta sees the future of his company in virtual reality. The phrase “metaverse” has been changed thousands, if not millions, of times over and over again, and we’re only in the early stages of building something like this. It is even difficult to talk about seeds, because there is no platform or equipment to enter this virtual world. And it is he who will play a key role here, because the technological challenges awaiting the teams led by Marek and hundreds of experts are countless.

VR and Metaverse are the apple of Mark Zuckerberg’s apple

This, however, does not demotivate them, but motivates them. It was clearly visible in the performance of the boss and the employees during a special meeting with the media. The so-called “Inside the Lab” is a chance to look behind the curtain and get to know the team and the next stages of development for these devices. Not one set is being developed, but several, and almost each of them is created to solve one of the main problems of VR equipment today. The most important are, of course, the weight of the device and the comfort when put on the head, the resolution in which they operate and … lenses that do not effectively deceive human sight.

Is it real or virtual reality? – when you ask yourself such a question…

The objective is to obtain an image quality equal to or better than the score of 6/6 eyes. To be comfortable with glasses for a long time, we need to be able to focus our sight on nearby objects for a long time. The constant sharpness of current models of VR glasses means that the lenses don’t work the same way our eyes do, so we don’t have the ability to look closer at specific objects while others in our environment remain blurry. . This will be achieved through moving lenses that react to the content of the displayed image and the distance of virtual objects from us. Varifocal technology will have a huge impact on the way we use virtual reality, because only then will it be possible to achieve conditions similar to real life.

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