A quarter of Poles receive such calls from their boss. Experts warn

  • Almost a quarter of Poles receive messages or phone calls from their superiors after working hours
  • Experts explain that, as a rule, sending e-mails by the employer or making telephone contact outside working hours is not prohibited. However, the employee is not obliged to answer during his free time, except on duty
  • They also warn that too much pressure can lead to burnout
  • Responding to messages outside working hours can be considered a so-called over time. The employee is entitled to an equivalent in the form of appropriate remuneration or leave
  • You can find more information on the Onet homepage

23.9% of respondents report that their supervisor sends them emails, texts or instant messages after working hours on routine matters. In turn, 56.5% do not experience it. respondents from the group of 1068 Poles with a professional activity. Plus, 13 percent. of respondents admit that such contacts take place, but only in emergency situations. However, 6.6 percent. study participants do not recall such events.

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