“Since the sanctuary hangs in the place indicated by the angel, everything goes well”

The shrine hangs exactly where the orb appeared in the photo. I take thousands of photos, but I have never been able to photograph such a phenomenon before. I went to “Perła Gaju” last year because I wanted to describe this amazing place. I went back a few days ago. We went with Krystyna to the chapel.

The shrine hangs where the orb appeared – Female XL

– She knew me, she laughed at my stories. But she wanted to take a selfie under the chapel. Suddenly she asked me to take a picture of her, because there is only a strange fog on the phone where the chapel is – says Krystyna.

She took the phone from him to photograph her friend. To his surprise, the chapel did not appear on screen. There was a strange void there.

“I was so surprised that I didn’t take a picture, and now I regret it.” Everything was visible on my phone. A friend told me that now she believes in my stories – says Krystyna.

She had come to Stary Gaj a few years earlier. She always dreamed of living in the countryside after her retirement. She spent her whole life in Lublin, first she worked at MPK, then she had her own businesses – run more or less luckily, she says. When she was ready to move, instead of a small house, she started building guest houses.

– I thought it would be a shame if only I could enjoy the charms of this place. It’s like a fairy tale here and I want others to experience this magic too – she told me on my first visit.

JointsJoints – Female XL

She bought two hectares from Stary Gaj, then bought two more. Wet soil, brush, the locals have made a dump. The clearing and cleaning began, a few huge trucks left, carrying old stoves, refrigerators and broken chairs. And since the area was swampy, Krystyna decided to make ponds. And it turned out that he has sources.

– Already then I planned a bathing area for the guests, so that on hot days there is a place to cool off. This year it was successful and it turned out that there were springs there too, no need to provide water. And we have our own golden sand – says Krystyna.

New bathing areaNew bathing area – Woman XL

He gets up at 5 a.m. every day and works until evening. She mows, waters the flowers, cleans the guest rooms and does everything. His life companion helps him, he is the one who practically dug the ponds himself, fishes them, takes care of the hardest work. And even though it’s not easy at all, Krystyna doesn’t regret her decision.

From “Perła Gaju” it is only 2 km through the forest to Nałęczów. Krystyna believes that her waters also have beneficial health properties. Her joints ached, she waded in the river, the pain subsided rapidly. In Lublin, she had pressure problems, here, as he took her away with her hand. She is breathing well, sleeping without pills.

It’s only the fourth season that he’s been accepting guests, and it’s just the start of his business. There are Dutch houses without heating, there are also new wooden ones, these are already all year round.

– It’s not a profitable business, we don’t make money on it, the investment will never be profitable in my lifetime. But it is our passion. And since there is a chapel, everything is better. I love this place, I can pray there in silence – says Krystyna.

Krystyna has no doubt that it was the angel who asked for the promised sanctuary. When she got up at dawn one morning in July two years ago and saw the ponds overrun with blooming flowers, she cried out with joy and gratitude.

– I promised the Mother of God that I would make her a chapel, time passed, I did not keep my word. But I still didn’t know where to hang the shrine. I was walking along the edge of the ponds and nothing came to mind – says Krystyna.

When, after my first visit to “Pearl of the Grove”, I was looking through the photos in the article, one of them drew my attention to a strange luminous object in the shape of an ellipse. Where is he from? Not from the camera, because it’s not in the other photos.

Orb in my pictureOrb in my photo – Female XL

I then posted a photo on a group that deals with paranormal phenomena. The answer came immediately – it’s an orb. Because it was the first time I encountered such a phenomenon, I started looking for information about it.

The first, the scientists, give a fairly simple answer. Their name comes from the Latin word “orbis” – circle, sphere. Orbs form when there are dust particles, raindrops, or insects in the air. The light from the flash reflects off them and hits the camera, creating mostly white circular elements in the photo. However, there are other colors, shapes and structures. Only that there was no rain that day, I didn’t notice any bugs, and there was no dust either, because it had rained the night before and I was walking on the muddy ground…

“The orbs were first noticed by Professor Klaus Heinemann when he was examining photos taken by his wife at a bio-energist meeting. Heinemann noticed that some of the photos showed a kind of circle of light – small but entirely Klaus Heinemann, who worked at NASA, he decided to analyze the cause of these circles. Maybe dust particles or moisture droplets appeared in front of the lens? He checked the room where the photos were taken, but found no explanation.

At the time, a professor experienced in working with the most sophisticated technique thoroughly examined his wife’s device – but also to no avail. Not only that: translucent spheres were also featured in the photos taken by the professor himself. Intrigued, he began taking hundreds of photos with his wife – in various locations. He conducted dozens of experiments. Then, despite his generally sober attitude to reality, Professor Heinemann said he was dealing with the phenomenon of a paranormal spirit. Especially since inside some of the spheres a complex layered structure with a core and concentric rings was noticeable “- we read on the presume.pl portal.

What do orbs look like?

– they are usually round or semi-circular

– come in a variety of sizes and colors, with white being the most common color

– have different degrees of brightness

– have different degrees of opacity and transparency

Cherokee Billie, a psychic with over 30 years of experience, writes that some ghost seekers believe orbs are the spirits of the dead. Billie herself, however, is prone to the assumption that the orbs are angels. Their spiritual being cannot be in physical form on Earth, so they appear in the easiest way for us to see and understand that they are with us. Sometimes angel balls have colors and the colors indicate the type of energy present in the ball. The meanings of the colors in the spheres generally correspond to the meanings of the different colors of the angel’s light rays, which are:

– blue (power, protection, faith, courage and strength)

– yellow (wisdom of decision)

– pink (love and peace)

– white (purity and harmony of holiness)

– green (healing and prosperity)

– red (service advised)

– purple (mercy and transformation).

In the Paranormal Phenomena group, I got a clear answer – “Blue orbs indicate the presence of powerful archangels and spirit guides. Blue orbs are also very protective and can also indicate the guardian angel.”

I sent the photo to Krystyna immediately. She didn’t hesitate for a moment.

– The angel indicated the place for my sanctuary, now I know where I will hang it – she told me during the telephone conversation.

The statue of the Virgin Mary, which she placed there, has existed for more than 20 years. She received it as a gift from an Italian friend who brought her from Lourdes for Krystyna. The figurine is plastic, there was holy water inside, but Krystyna has an unusual fondness for it.

– I did not part with her, she always stood by my bed, wherever I was. I felt a little sorry. But an acquaintance who hung the shrine told me to look where the Mother of God was looking. Right on my doorstep, avoiding all the trees! He is always with me and protects me, and this is the most important thing – says Krystyna.

The shrine hangs in front of Krystyna's house.The shrine hangs in front of Krystyna’s house. – XL female

The shrine has been suspended since last year, but has already been the scene of strange occurrences, as Krystyna claims. She showed it to different people and almost everyone in her neighborhood has strange and amazing feelings. This year, she put a bench next to the chapel, we can sit and pray in silence. She loves this place. She hung a picture of an orb under the chapel.

– I do not tell this story to all my guests, because people are different and have the right to do so. And I want them to feel good with me. However, since the shrine hangs in the place indicated by the angel, only good things happen with us – says Krystyna.

Pictures of the orb hung below the chapel.Pictures of the orb hung below the chapel. – XL female

Therefore, she decided to tell the world about herself. Perhaps there are people who need such encounters with the Mother of God, in peace, tranquility, within nature? Maybe they have problems, would like to pray for support?

Every year the Open Garden Festival takes place in Nałęczów. The closest this weekend is June 25-26. The owners open their gardens to visitors, organize various events. Krystyna joined the action this year. He wants to show his place on Earth and talk about the sanctuary. She called her event “The Miracle at the Backwaters”.

Madeleine Gorostiza

source: https://cherokeebilliespiritualadvisor.com/blogs/all/are-orbs-spirits


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