Dogecoin: A high-end cryptocurrency that can turn a profit

Dogecoin: A high-end cryptocurrency that can turn a profit

This article was written exclusively for Elon Musk’s favorite; 11th place in his category Cryptocurrencies Rise, Sentiment Falls; Low nominal prices attract speculators; If Bitcoin and Ethereum start to climb, DOGE could become more attractive. Cryptocurrency, fiat currency and I have one thing in common: their real value depends on the market consensus on … Read more

Bitcoin tests 27,000, Ethereum tests $1,800. and Terra (LUNA) almost reset

Bitcoin tests 27,000, Ethereum tests ,800.  and Terra (LUNA) almost reset

Bitcoin (BTC) quotes are losing more than 20% this week and in Thursday’s session they temporarily fell below the $27,000 level. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), slipped to just $1,785. The vast majority of large tokens have lost 20-30% of their value in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin at the lowest since December 2020. … Read more

Starbucks with its own NFT

Coffee bought with bitcoins? No, the Starbucks Metaverse is meant to be a much deeper experience. The NFT aims to be a gateway to a global community of engaging coffee-centric content. This is another global trading giant that wants to take advantage of the opportunities offered by blockchain technology. Web3 – the new dimension of … Read more

“The incredible world of DeFi, tokens and blockchain”

During the panel discussion on the second day of the Invest Cuffs 2022 conference entitled “The unusual world of DeFi, tokens and blockchain”, Mike Satoshi’s guests were Maurycy Konopacki – CEO Tubbly, Rahim Blak – CEO Mosaico, Jarosław Stankiewicz – COO Geco One, Rafał Bielski – CTO Cyber​​Live, Oskar Rozwens – Blockchain Operations Manager Spacely … Read more

Bitcoin price is falling and is at a significant support level

Bitcoin once again dipped below the psychological $30,000 level and is struggling to hold key support. At the same time, investor concerns and controversies regarding the regulation of the cryptocurrency market are growing. The De-Fi trend, i.e. decentralized finance, popular in this boom, has created advanced instruments available only on blockchains that were not available … Read more

Cryptocurrency exchanges trade against their clients, says SEC’s Gary Gensler

The chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reiterated on Tuesday that most digital assets are monitored by his agency, while cryptocurrency exchanges are expected to register with the regulator. He also added that the SEC is stepping up its enforcement efforts. Gensler is concerned that cryptocurrency exchanges are putting up adequate … Read more