The metaverse is a new challenge for our business models

With the advent of the Metaverse, everything will change: first gradually, then suddenly. 446 298 Robert Faletra is executive chairman of The Channel Company, the publisher of the American edition of CRN. Facebook’s problems in late 2021 were partly due to Apple’s changes to the operating system. Specifically, those through which one can easily avoid … Read more

Shiba Inu (SHIB) will be used to knock out the NFT in the Metaverse

Metaverse SHIB. Source: Many critics claim that Shiba Inu is another “worthless” cryptocurrency designed only to create “noise” in the community. Contrary to such opinions, this project is still in development. The development team working on it wants to make it more usable. It is already known that this virtual currency will be used, … Read more

“Fancy Bears Metaverse”, what is the NFT with images of CELEBRITY teddy bears?

Fancy Bears Metaverse has been trending everywhere for several days. Oh, that’s another NFT – but bears are made like stars, so everyone’s excited. NFT has been the hottest buzzword on the net for a while. Artists earn millions by selling their creations as NFTs. Meme stars are selling their… memes like these “untradeable tokens”. … Read more

Metavers in business. In which direction is the market going? Accenture Technology Vision Report 2022

The Accenture Technology Vision 2022 – “Let’s meet in metaversum – the world of technologies and experiences that change business” report presents four key trends that will shape our reality in the years to come. The metaverse continuum, a new digital world based on innovative technologies, will change our lives, our interactions and the way … Read more

Metaverse: You can’t walk this land or build a house, but plots of land still sell for thousands of pounds

Johnny McMameli has spent almost £5,000 on land. But he cannot physically walk on this land – neither can he live on it or build a house on it. Indeed, the 23-year-old has invested in the metaverse, which means his realm is completely virtual and only exists in the digital world. McMulley from Belfast is … Read more

Improving the Music Industry in the Metaverse with Adsshares X Cyber ​​Live Partnership

Warsaw, Poland / Axisware / April 19, 2022 / As part of this new partnership, Adshares and CyberLive will enhance the user experience in the interactive music concert metaverse. The Adshares protocol will play a key role in the advertising and marketing of the emerging music platform, providing promotional solutions for artists as well as … Read more