The judge was ruthless – Samsung lost to consumers and will pay dearly – PC World

Samsung was scamming customers? The huge penalty will make the company pay more attention to the quality of adverts and promoted smartphones. Korean tech giant Samsung has been heavily fined by an Australian court over false information about properties produced by the company smart phones. The company claimed that its devices were resistant to seawater … Read more

In games, it’s not just skill that’s important. don’t forget this thing

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer? It’s a very heavy load on your back if you don’t use a comfortable seat. Genesis has just released another line of gaming chairs, which will also be perfect for people who have nothing to do with gaming. Player seats These are mostly … Read more

When can we refuse to pay for parking? The lawyer translates

June 24, 2022, h. 07:00 When shopping in a store, buying a ticket on the train, concluding a contract over the phone or parking in a paid parking lot, we always conclude a contract with the entrepreneur. If we only do this for private purposes, we are a consumer by law. In this situation, we … Read more

UniLock Drive – Anything

UniLock Drive – Anything The short-term rental sector does not stop, and after the confinement, it quickly compensates for losses and seeks new solutions. The technology is handy, for example in the form of a UniLock drive. This novelty – from the GU brand offer – guarantees access control and many practical features. A single … Read more

The most powerful Android smartphones [RANKING 2022] – PC World

Oppo Find X5 Pro Oppo initially appeared in Poland as a brand offering appliances for lower and middle price range and with such smartphones it is also usually associated. However, the company has real ones in its portfolio floretswhich, both in terms of efficiency and price, resemble phones from the most popular manufacturers. Such a … Read more