A new medical profession was born. Recruitment for the specialization before May 31. We know the requirements

A new medical profession was born. It is the surgical assistance of a physician. As indicated by the Ministry of Health, an assistant surgeon can be, among others, for nurses, paramedics and physiotherapists The recruitment for the specialization in this field has just been announced by the voivode of Lublin. The deadline for submission is … Read more

Testing of the flagship AD102 graphics processor has reportedly begun. Here’s everything we know about the GeForce RTX 4000

We are officially launching a new, constantly updated entry into next-generation NVIDIA graphics cards. In this article, we’ll share everything we know about the GeForce RTX 4000, updating it regularly whenever important information flows around the world about these models. That’s why today we’ve rounded up all the RTX 4000 details that have emerged so … Read more

LIDL: the best devices and accessories for care (cheap electronics) [02.05.2022] – PC World

Lidl’s offer is full of interesting devices and gadgets at low prices. We check out what to buy at Lidl for body care and hair styling. In the morning, during the hectic preparations to leave every minute is worth its weight in gold. So let’s use modern and functional appliances for body care and hair … Read more

Magdalena Kawalec-Segond: Alzheimer’s and the feeling of burnout, or what molecular psychiatry studies

The brain, and in particular the human brain, is a great mystery to us. Its ability to direct our complex behaviors, thoughts, feelings, as well as structural complexity, development, and pathologies is of interest to scientists and the general public. Molecular psychiatry deals with explaining how it happens at the level of brain cells that … Read more

Xiaomi better? Trial of Chicago’s new flagship. The price can hurt you [TOPtech]

See the video Xiaomi better? We are testing the new Chinese flagship [TOPtech] BONUS: UNIQUE DESIGN Xiaomi 12 Pro definitely attracts attention. The almost frameless screen and the back of the device covered with frosted glass make a great impression. The matte finish not only gives elegance to the device, but also solves the problem … Read more