We analyze new information about Apple’s VR glasses. Tim Cook reveals secrets in latest interview – PC World

We’ve been hearing about Apple’s various VR projects behind the scenes for several years. Unfortunately, we don’t have specific announcements all the time. According to the new information, despite the lack of details, Apple is already working on the next installments of its VR gear. For several years, we have been waiting for the first … Read more

Technology and cinematographic art. New Visual Storytelling will begin soon

Nowe Narracje WizualneKonferencja 1-3 lipca 2022 Łódź + onlineorganizatorzy: Laboratorium Narracji Wizualnych vnLab, Szkoła Filmowa w ŁodziPełny program i rejestracja: konferencja.vnlab.orgLaboratorium Narracji Wizualnych przy Szkole Filmowej w Łodzi to miejsce twórczej i naukowej eksploracji obszaru technologii związanych z narracją, takich jak cinematic VR, XR, AR, stereoskopia, interaktywne narracje, esej filmowy i cyfrowe publikacje. vnLab składa … Read more

VIVE Flow Business Edition Immersive and Lightweight VR Glasses Offered to Enterprises

HTC VIVE is expanding the offering of its latest VR glasses, VIVE Flow, targeting them in businesses. The glasses are offered as the best solution for companies, for use, among others, in training and remote work. They are also an attractive proposition for the education, healthcare, rehabilitation and entertainment sectors. VIVE Flow Business Edition will … Read more

The most modern railway museum in Poland was established in Rudy. When will it be open to tourists? [ZDJĘCIA] • Kuźnia Raciborska, Rudy • Lifestyle – nowiny.pl – portal, newspaper

SimKol has completed the implementation of the multimedia museum, which was created in the Ruda narrow-gauge railway, boasting about its latest implementation on social networks. It is an attraction that will attract even more tourists to this place. Until now, it was said that about 50,000 people came to Rud every year. people. The attraction … Read more

Haptic technology – the sleeping giant metaverse?

Although the idea of ​​remote communication using the sense of touch sounds like science fiction cinema, it is already possible at the current stage of technological development. Will the popular Metaverse trend and robotization prove to be catalysts for the growth of haptic technologies and unlock their potential? Metaverse – Catalyst for future growth? The … Read more

This is how Mark Zuckerberg works on VR glasses. They will be technological marvels, but…

Impressions almost indistinguishable from reality? That’s Marek Zuckerberg’s goal in his work on brand new VR glasses. You must have heard of the Oculus brand at least once, and maybe even when that company was taken over by Facebook (today the company operates as Meta). Was Mark Zuckerberg planning such bold and futuristic moves at … Read more