‘Celebrity weddings’: Agnieszka Kaczorowska reveals wedding details to Janachowska: ‘We did a car swap’.

Agnieszka Kaczorowska and her husband Maciej Pela spoke to Izabela Janachowska about their fairytale wedding in TuscanyOnly 15 months after they met. The interview will be published in the next episode of the program “Mariages de stars”, which Polsat Café will broadcast this Saturday, May 14 at 9:00 p.m. Only with us, for the premiere, … Read more

Energy from within the Earth. Map of geothermal development in Poland and 55% increase in National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management grant pool

Only six of the 2,147 Polish heating plants with a capacity above 1 MW use geothermal energy. In order to develop geothermal energy, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage has published a program, the implementation of which by 2050 will require financial expenditures of about PLN 49 billion. Geothermal energy in Poland© MKiŚ The … Read more

The value of the Polish event industry is around 3 billion PLN, but more than 60%. companies are in financial difficulty. The Fragmented Fitness Industry’s Situation Looks Even Worse

An analysis of how individual industries have changed and undergone digital transformation over the past two years can be found in the latest e-book from Polish e-commerce software house Advox Studio. Only one in three companies in the events sector are at least in good financial condition Currently it works in Poland 5 thousand companies … Read more

5 best foldable smartphones – ranking 2022

Which foldable phone to buy? Such models are increasingly entering our reality. These are still high-end and more expensive models. However, they are no longer such a novelty and, in general, you can meet them more and more often today. Undoubtedly, however, they are prestigious devices and therefore arouse a lot of interest. In addition, … Read more

Somfy smart home in the Columbus Store e-boutique – IT and technology

IT and technology 2022-05-11 | 4 p.m. Red Hat expands its cloud services offering by creating a consistent and scalable environment Red Hat expands its cloud services offering by creating a cohesive, scalable environment for building modern applications Red Hat cloud services reduce the complexity of hybrid environments, gain additional business benefits, and accelerate IT … Read more