Smart apartment solutions, or how to live wisely and comfortably – Home

Modern technologies, eco-friendly materials or smart home solutions are increasingly available to buyers of developer apartments as standard without additional payment. What can the people of Poznań count on in this respect? The word “intelligent” has become a permanent part of our everyday language. We use this term in connection with telephones, watches, but also … Read more

What are cryptocurrencies? Everyone has heard of Bitcoin, but…

Everyone has heard of cryptocurrencies and Bitcon, but not everyone knows exactly what it is. You don’t need to be an expert in blockchain technology right away – just learn the basics. What is that ? After all, cryptocurrencies are electronic money. Yes, but it’s imprecise. Not all electronic money will be cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is … Read more

The future of mobility in 20 years? According to the president of Ford in Poland, these two technologies will have the greatest impact

Marcin Walków, Auto companies are increasingly saying that they are turning away from car manufacturers to become mobility providers. How to understand the concept of “mobility” and this transformation? Piotr Pawlak, President of Ford Polska: By mobility, I mean the possibility of moving from point A to point B, under the conditions expected by … Read more

Szczecin trams do not plan to purchase new rolling stock at this time

Szczecin trams haven’t bought new trams for a long time. In recent years, the transporter has acquired several Moderus Beta vehicles, and the most recent such vehicles that have reached Szczecin are now bi-directional. However, the company announces that it is not considering any other purchases for the moment and wishes to concentrate on the … Read more

For the 16th time, Samsung is a global leader in the TV market – Samsung Newsroom UK

Samsung is the global TV market leader for the 16th consecutive year. In Poland, the company ended 2021 with more than 30%. quantitative share and nearly 34 percent. valuable *. As for the structure of the Polish market, the popularity of larger screens is growing – the total market share of 65 “and 75” models … Read more