Virtual reception, i.e. a reader that can do everything

The short-term rental sector does not stop, and after the confinement, it quickly compensates for losses and seeks new solutions. The technology is handy, for example in the form of a UniLock drive. This novelty – from the GU brand offer – guarantees access control and many practical features. A single device allows customers to … Read more

Advertising in the metaverse, that is, the first lessons for brands that want to appear –

06/09/2022, 10:05 Big brands are trying to enter the metaverse. They need to be cautious on this new front, and at the same time be prepared to take risks (Image: In his cult 1992 sci-fi novel “Snow Crash,” author Neal Stephenson conjures up a virtual reality full of avatars and advertisements. He calls his … Read more

We buy or retrofit HS doors

A large HS glass door that will optically connect the living room with the garden is a dream for many of us. Modern patio doors should be visually appealing, burglar-proof, with appropriate thermal insulation parameters and easy to use. But the comfort and safety of using HS doors, especially large doors, often depends on their … Read more

Government accreditation system rather serves journalists, but is legally questionable –

May 28, 2022, 5 p.m. The initiator of the system is government spokesman Piotr Muller (photo: Wojciech Olkusnik / East News) The media announcement and accreditation system for events organized by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister is at the service of journalists. However, lawyers see the platform’s legal shortcomings. The new media announcement and … Read more

How to choose a smartphone charger?

Choosing the right accessories for your phone isn’t always easy. The matter gets complicated when you have to make a decision about buying the right charger, which, as you surely know, is essential equipment for any mobile device. Everything would be simple, if it weren’t for the fact that nowadays when buying a new smartphone … Read more

Is artificial intelligence going to settle in your newsfeed? – Computer world

Does AI provide IT managers, communications and marketing departments with truly valuable technology, or will it increase the content but decrease the quality? Source: Shutterstock Typing is largely a skill, a manual task that combines both the mental need to think over every word on a page (or screen) and the manual placement of letters … Read more