Benefits of BBank Cryptocurrency Trading – DSI

The first exchanges to trade with different currencies, such as, appeared in the middle of the 20th century and quickly became very popular around the world. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, the industry has gained an avalanche of new users. In many ways, it’s because cryptocurrency trading has so many advantages. The main advantages … Read more

SEO tools useful in positioning Świecie websites

Various SEO tools are useful when positioning the website because they allow you to analyze lots of useful data. There are different software available in the market, and each of them is responsible for collecting information on a slightly different topic. That’s why we present a list of the most important tools that you can … Read more

Cryptocrash. Cryptocurrencies – instruments of the future or dangerous assets?

– The crypto market is highly volatile and transactions are purely speculative in nature, experts say. photo 123rf / ezthaiphoto The huge decline in the value of most cryptocurrencies has rocked the market in recent weeks. The crash resulted in the loss of huge fortunes and billions of market dollars. It all started with a … Read more

We already know which high schools and technologies are the best in Podlasie. Ranking Perspektywy 2022

On Tuesday (11.01), the Perspektywy 2022 ranking of the Podlasie Voivodeship was announced. We met the best secondary and technological schools in the region. Photo: Ewelina Sadowska-Dubicka II Białystok High School For the 24th time, the ranking prepared by “Perspektywy” has been announced, indicating which secondary schools and technologies are the best. Schools are evaluated … Read more

Unique houses in Toruń. Here is a company that guarantees fixed prices in Toruń

You want to build a house, but these days such a project worries you? The company from Toruń indicates the reasons for this situation and has an idea to minimize the risk. Rising prices for building materials, energy and wages resulting in increased costs for the implementation of investments, with a large number of projects … Read more

You can walk along the path of old houses

“To the rescue of old houses” – it is a coalition which organizes four marches in May in deserted vacant buildings. These are buildings steeped in history, located in the center of Białystok and owned by the city. Photo: press material The building on ul. Mlynowa What are the old houses hiding? There will be … Read more

Wrocław portable houses. We know when they will be created •

Dear reader! We want to provide you with better journalistic materials and improve the functions of our website. For this, we need your consent in order to better tailor the marketing content to your needs. Thanks to them, we can raise funds for the development of our portal. Therefore, we present below information about our … Read more

Additional recruitment in high schools. Where are there still vacancies?

More than 3,000 students entered secondary schools run by the city of Białystok. students. There are still vacancies in many institutions. Photo: G. Cichocka Additional recruitment begins Elementary schooling in secondary schools in Białystok has already been completed. In total, young people had the choice between 36 schools, including 17 high schools, 11 technical high … Read more

Settlement of cryptocurrencies in Poland and other countries

People who trade in virtual currency (cryptocurrency) know very well how much trouble law regulators in Poland have in understanding the nature of this trade. The biggest nonsense was to tax PCC on every turnover made. The creators of this regulatory bullshit admitted they were wrong and fixed the law. Does it meet market realities … Read more

Land, apartments, houses – the treasury lists real estate at attractive prices, News, News Białystok Municipal Online Portal Białystok (Białystok), Page 1

The Chamber of Tax Administration “offers” several real estate – land, agricultural land, apartments and meadows, which can be auctioned at up to 70% of the value. For the sale of each of them, it will go to the State Treasury at least 3.8 million PLN. Will there be people ready? Photo: Malwina Witkowska Sharing … Read more