e-legnickie.pl – The phenomenon of immersion was discussed at the Letia Business Center (PHOTO)

LEGNICA. At the conference center of the Letia Business Center, the Polska Miedź employers’ union organized the conference “We discover the secrets of virtual reality and augmented reality. How are immersive technologies changing Polish business? The honorary patronage of the conference was assumed by the Ministry of Development and Technology and Grzegorz Macko – Deputy … Read more

The president of PGG assures: there will be no more coal for individuals. – Economy

In March this year. PGG has introduced the ability to buy bulk heating coal in its online store, where previously only pre-packaged eco-pea coal was offered. According to the company, the offer has met with great interest from recipients, and the demand is greater than the availability of coal. The incentive is, among other things … Read more

Aid to Syria. Poland said it would donate more than PLN 10 million – Wiadomości

A testimony of the feelings of the inhabitants on both sides of the border. On the one hand – desperation and statements in defense of one’s own country, on the other – the attitudes of Poles and Ukrainians. It is both admiration and gratitude for Poles who help Ukrainians and for Ukrainians in the west … Read more

The pandemic has changed the tourist habits of Poles. The motorhome boom is on – Business

According to Dariusz Balcerzyk of the Samar Institute, the sudden increase in the popularity of motorhomes in recent years has been caused not only by the pandemic, but also by the greater supply from producers. Balcerzyk noted that the increase in the number of people interested in motorhomes can be seen in data from the … Read more

Free house designs up to 70 m². We know when they will be available – Economy

Analysts expect property prices to remain unchanged.Photo: Shutterstock/Roman Babakin “Such a magnitude of decline is a result of the market environment – ​​further interest rate increases and declining creditworthiness and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – but also an extremely high base,” wrote Rzeczpospolita. It was added that the first quarter of last year for the … Read more

Water, hydrogen, coal – more and more companies are joining the 3W initiative. BGK: We support science and business – Business

Carp: We don’t have the technology to stop using coal for 10-12 yearsPhoto: Nordroden/Shutterstock – Faced with the war in Ukraine, the need to build energy independence from Russia is growing. A step in this direction is, among other things, Tuesday’s decision of the Council of Ministers to block imports of coal from beyond the … Read more

Wrocław portable houses. We know when they will be created • www.tuwroclaw.com

Dear reader! We want to provide you with better journalistic materials and improve the functions of our website. For this, we need your consent in order to better tailor the marketing content to your needs. Thanks to them, we can raise funds for the development of our portal. Therefore, we present below information about our … Read more

Cryptocurrency prices are rising. Will up to a billion people invest in these instruments this year?

Bitcoin welcomed early February with bulls, beating the bearish trend seen since November. In these few months, the price of the most popular cryptocurrency has attempted to break the highs twice, in December and January, and now it has finally succeeded. Bitcoin’s exchange rate against the US Dollar broke at $40,000-42,000 on the daily chart, … Read more

Reinforcement of the Polish army. Prime Minister: Technology decides the battlefield – News

The head of government paid a visit to the development and implementation center of Telesystem-Mesko in Lubiczów near Warsaw. The company produces guidance systems for Piorun very short-range anti-aircraft systems, which are also delivered to Ukraine. The price of security During his speech, he stressed that security is the basis of the functioning of any … Read more

Is it possible to build a house cheaply? Yes – the basis is a good house design! – Your home – Lifestyle – Subcarpathian life

When we hear the phrase “cheap house”, we often run the red light. Some people think it’s not possible, others when talking about a cheap house see poor workmanship and cheapness by default. Are you sure that it is impossible to combine the appropriate standard with the economy? The basis of success in this case … Read more