What is happening in the cryptocurrency market today? Quotes Bitcoin, EOS, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum. How much will you pay for these digital currencies today?

photo: freepik.com Today we have June 28, 2022. Surely you will be interested in what happened in the cryptocurrency market. Especially for you, we have prepared a brief summary of recent events related to this topic. In it, you can read information such as: open rates, maximum and minimum prices from today, the current rate … Read more

Uncharted Territory… Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Review

photo: pexels.com Bottom Line: Based on historical and statistical data, the current bear market may be the worst in cryptocurrency history. Many global conditions are new to the cryptocurrency market, and cryptocurrencies are moving into uncharted territory. Additionally, BlockFi shareholders will likely be completely diluted if the company accepts a $250 million bailout from FTX, … Read more

Cryptocurrencies sensitive to US markets; Shiba Inu (SHIB) is getting stronger; Tether will launch stablecoin pegged to the pound (GBP)

photo: freepik.com This week, Simon Peters, cryptocurrency analyst at eToro, writes about: Bitcoin is still just over $20,000 The Metaverse Standards Forum is launched Shiba Inu getting stronger Tether introduces the GBP token Bitcoin is still just over $20,000 Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, held its price above $20,000 last week. It is too early … Read more

Gate.io 9th Anniversary: ​​The Amazing Landscape of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

photo: Gate.io Gate.io 9th Anniversary: ​​The Amazing Landscape of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Activity Gate.io It started with the development of a trading platform that provided users with secure trading. Currently, the exchange offers more than 1,400 cryptocurrencies. The number of users worldwide has exceeded 10 million. The daily trading volume exceeds $10 billion. Gate. io … Read more

Chico Wallet, El Salvador’s government cryptocurrency app. The company bribed with bonuses?

photo: freepik.com The risk-free rate of return has increased from 4%. in the 1970s to 2% in the 2000s, around zero today, and around 2050 it will be negative – the excess savings accumulated by senior citizens is the cause. These are just some of the findings of the most interesting research studies on investing. … Read more

What is haptic technology and is it a sleeping giant of the metaverse?

photo: freepik.com Haptic technology, despite its growing use and growing potential, is still in the shadows. Haptic enables revolutionary interaction with tools and other users through the transfer of the sense of touch, transmitted over a distance. Sensors are responsible for the transfer of stimuli, which accurately transmit force intensity, vibration, and range of motion … Read more

New office, new plans, new strategies… How is Bitpanda doing during a downturn in the cryptocurrency market? We speak with Lukas Enzersdorfer Konrad, CPO

photo: freepik.com Foreword, Bitpanda is an Austrian company founded in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer. The head office of the company is located in the central part of the Austrian capital. Most recently, we had the opportunity to participate in the event organized on the occasion of the move and the … Read more

Cryptocurrency Corner: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Rates Drop Below Key Levels as Israel and Hong Kong Test Digital Currency

photo: pexels.com Bitcoin and Ethereum slip below key levels Bitcoin and Ethereum fell below key support levels. Indeed, cryptocurrency markets continue to face significant challenges due to rising inflation and interest rates. BTC dipped sharply below $20,000 last week, while ETH fell below $1,000 on Saturday. This morning on the eToro platform, Bitcoin is trading … Read more

How to earn on Bitcoin (BTC)? While America sleeps, the demons of profit are waking up…

photo: freepik.com Bespoke produces great stock stats and just released one that I’d like to comment on hot on the blog due to some interesting tidbits. This is Bitcoin, which has caught our attention more since the appearance of CFDs on it in the Bossafx offer. But also because its changes and other cryptocurrencies are … Read more