GEOFORUM – Study of the displacements of a stable zone

| 2022-06-21 | GNSS, Surveying Very small displacements can be observed in the tectonically inactive zone, which is consistent with the predictions of geologists. How to determine the offset of a section of a hundred kilometers of only half a millimeter per year? Scientists from the Polish Geological Institute and the Military University of Technology … Read more

Advantages of frame houses. Check and choose your project!

Many Poles dream of owning a house. Unfortunately, to meet them, many challenges must be overcome today. Most important is rising construction costs and high price volatility. It is also increasingly difficult to find a qualified construction and management team, and you can wait even several months for good professionals. There is a shortage of … Read more

Świętokrzyskie tourist routes on the Internet and smartphone

| 2022-06-06 | GIS, Maps At the beginning of June, a website and a mobile application were launched, which allow you to browse the tourist attractions of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship on interactive maps. The Świętokrzyskie Tourist Routes Platform was prepared by the Polish Tourism and Tourism Society at the request of the Office of the … Read more

50-year-old Ganz from Hetman Hill. He would like to be back on track, but can’t

Marek Jaszczynski There are only two active SN61 coaches in Poland. One is in Szczecin. It could not be dismantled for parts by the scrap dealers, but instead of rolling on the tracks, to the delight of railway enthusiasts, it is waiting to be renovated. – I’ve been riding them for two years. First it … Read more

Municipalities still bombarded with requests for incorrect services and planning data

| 2022-05-25 | GIS, Law Many municipal offices across the country are receiving further letters from individuals suggesting that incorrect network services and data with Land Use Planning (APP) files have been issued. Are the arguments presented there correct? About the case we already wrote in April this year. We then informed that many municipal … Read more

My heat. The program provides grants from 7 to 21 thousand. zloty

10:00, 05/25/2022 | JM The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management accepts applications for co-financing for the purchase and installation of a heat pump in single-family homes. The Moje Ciepło program provides grants in the amount of PLN 7,000 to PLN 21,000. zloty. The new priority program of the National Fund for Environmental … Read more

[FOTO] Mobile laboratory for firefighters of SGRChem-Eko “Katowice-Piotrowice”

Katowice Tuesday, May 24, 2022 The specialized chemical and ecological rescue group operating on the basis of JRG PSP No. 2 in Katowice has been enriched with a new fluid reconnaissance and measurement vehicle. The vehicle was built on Scania P370 B4X2NB XT chassis by Szczęśniak Special Vehicles company. Its main task is to detect … Read more

Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day – enjoy contests and promotions

photo: On May 22, Bitcoin Pizza Day is a unique event for the entire cryptocurrency community. Twelve years ago, there was a historic transaction that contributed to the value of the first cryptocurrency. Thanks to the fact that in 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 times for two pizzas with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency created by … Read more

We already know which high schools and technologies are the best in Podlasie. Ranking Perspektywy 2022

On Tuesday (11.01), the Perspektywy 2022 ranking of the Podlasie Voivodeship was announced. We met the best secondary and technological schools in the region. Photo: Ewelina Sadowska-Dubicka II Białystok High School For the 24th time, the ranking prepared by “Perspektywy” has been announced, indicating which secondary schools and technologies are the best. Schools are evaluated … Read more

Mustang driver who raced for over a year and a half…

On Tuesday, May 17, the Szczytno District Court sentenced Adam D., accused of causing a tragic road accident in Szczytno, to 4 years and 6 months in prison. The tragic event took place on April 25, 2020 around 2 p.m. at ul. Wladyslaw IV in Szczytno. On March 30, 2021, the indictment against Adam D., … Read more