In Poznań, they treat Alzheimer’s disease using virtual reality. VR technology as a way to re-educate and exercise memory

Nicole Mlodziejewska Alzheimer’s Association of Wielkopolskie charges use VR technology. This way they can move around in virtual worlds. As Andrzej Rossa, president of the association, says, it is an activity that improves the students’ mood and, in addition, has a positive effect on their memory. The Wielkopolska Alzheimer Association is located in a modern … Read more

Internet gambling trends in 2022 in Poland and around the world

07:44, 04/27/2022 | . We take a look at the latest trends in online gambling. New technologies, great bonuses, new internet casinos, mobile casinos, slot machine trends. According to data collected by Statista, the value of the global online gambling industry in 2020 stood at $66.7 billion. It is expected to reach $92.9 billion by … Read more

Subscribe or…lose. How the Poznań company decided to change the Internet subscription market

Leszek Waligóra Can I subscribe to toilet paper? Most of us have something to subscribe to. Weekly crush, TV, gym pass. But toilet paper? How about adding a breakfast subscription? For dishwasher tablets? For your favorite coffee? Shopping at the bookstore? And… for dozens of other things we need and use regularly? Of course you … Read more

INVESTMENT CARD: A small house for 100,000 zlotys is a pipe dream? The first stage of the project competition leaves little hope

Monika Kaczynska The results of the first stage of the competition for house designs up to 70 m², announced by the General Inspectorate for Building Supervision, are disappointing, which hoped to provide these houses with a roof over their heads for a reasonable price. 360 thousand PLN for a prefabricated house is not the most … Read more