e-legnickie.pl – The phenomenon of immersion was discussed at the Letia Business Center (PHOTO)

LEGNICA. At the conference center of the Letia Business Center, the Polska Miedź employers’ union organized the conference “We discover the secrets of virtual reality and augmented reality. How are immersive technologies changing Polish business? The honorary patronage of the conference was assumed by the Ministry of Development and Technology and Grzegorz Macko – Deputy … Read more

Poland’s slowest new cars – market overview 2022

We checked the slowest new cars on the Polish market. Here is a list of the 10 models with the worst accelerations from 0 to 100 km/h. Usually, when talking about the automotive industry, sports models are the most emotional – almost everyone is interested in how many “hundreds” of new Lamborghinis, or what is … Read more

The president of PGG assures: there will be no more coal for individuals. – Economy

In March this year. PGG has introduced the ability to buy bulk heating coal in its online store, where previously only pre-packaged eco-pea coal was offered. According to the company, the offer has met with great interest from recipients, and the demand is greater than the availability of coal. The incentive is, among other things … Read more

Electric cars Maciej Orłoś Kingsman Finance Seres

Maciej Orłoś has been cooperating with Kingsman Finance for several years. It is a company that acts as an intermediary, among other things to sell electric cars. She just signed a contract with the Chinese manufacturer of such cars – the Seres brand. A well-known journalist became the company’s managing partner. – We have been … Read more

Aid to Syria. Poland said it would donate more than PLN 10 million – Wiadomości

A testimony of the feelings of the inhabitants on both sides of the border. On the one hand – desperation and statements in defense of one’s own country, on the other – the attitudes of Poles and Ukrainians. It is both admiration and gratitude for Poles who help Ukrainians and for Ukrainians in the west … Read more

Terror on the Szolca-Rogozińskiego estate. Vandal shoots parked cars!

Terror on the Szolca-Rogozińskiego estate. For two months now, residents have been struggling with the usual destruction of their cars. Shattered windows, broken mirrors and spray-painted bodywork. Recently, the pellets have also started to move! Fear begins to reign over the estate. – Where is the police ? – The neighbors wonder. Inhabitants of ul. … Read more

Additional Service Actions. These models are called concession

New corrective action notifications have appeared on the UOKiK website. Alfa Romeo, BMW, Citroen, DS, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mercedes and Toyota call cars to the service. Check the details. Over the past month, the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection has informed of new service campaigns. Manufacturers that have announced recall campaigns in the past … Read more

Headlights are the “jewels” of the car – how are headlights made in Skoda models?

Headlight design is an important aspect of Skoda cars. Their project is prepared and coordinated by an experienced team of three people, who must combine artistic creativity and technical skills. Ten years ago, the design of car headlights was determined by the designers responsible for the exterior design of vehicles. However, the evolution in the … Read more

These cars built the SUV segment. Here are 20 revolutionary models

It’s hard to imagine the modern car market without an SUV. We present 20 models of revolutionary importance for the off-road segment. 1. Willys MB (1941) Equipped with all-wheel drive, the model can be considered the ancestor of the entire SUV genre. The Americans began mass production of the car in 1941, for the purposes … Read more

The cheapest new cars in Poland – market overview 2022

It is increasingly difficult to find a new car for less than PLN 60,000. We found out when we prepared a list of the 10 cheapest cars on the Polish market. The situation in the market for new cars has been difficult for a long time – prices are rising almost month by month, and … Read more