Wholesale electrician – the largest selection of electrical installation and lighting equipment [materiał partnera] »Radio 90 FM

Elektryk Hurt has been operating in the electrical industry for 33 years. It recently changed its location and invites all customers to its new headquarters at 1 Bracka Street in Wodzisław Śląski. We have significantly expanded our assortment and expanded our inventory. We have a large spacious sales room. It is worth noting the extensive … Read more

Young people from Wodzisław and Ostrava at a joint workshop on Radio 90 [FOTO] »Radio 90 FM

Young people from Wodzisław and Ostrava admitted that it was an interesting experience, listen: https://www.radio90.pl/files/2022/04/ostrawa0429_01.mp3 During a visit to Radio 90, the young people discover the work of journalists and reporters, discover the radio studio and the advertising department, take part in a press conference, try to record a street poll, also record in front … Read more

How to choose a smartphone charger?

Choosing the right accessories for your phone isn’t always easy. The matter gets complicated when you have to make a decision about buying the right charger, which, as you surely know, is essential equipment for any mobile device. Everything would be simple, if it weren’t for the fact that nowadays when buying a new smartphone … Read more