Virtual real estate market. Metaverse builds digital homes. Will real estate agencies make a fortune there?

Virtual reality is evolving in terms of availability and sophistication faster than ever, creating new markets with previously unknown business opportunities. Example? The volume of investments in the global real estate market in 2021 amounted to approximately $3.38 trillion. So it’s no surprise that the metaverse is starting to build digital domains. Will agencies see … Read more

We analyze new information about Apple’s VR glasses. Tim Cook reveals secrets in latest interview – PC World

We’ve been hearing about Apple’s various VR projects behind the scenes for several years. Unfortunately, we don’t have specific announcements all the time. According to the new information, despite the lack of details, Apple is already working on the next installments of its VR gear. For several years, we have been waiting for the first … Read more

Meta, beta version. Metaverse is not as new as it seems –

21 May 2022, 04:00 Will the metaverse world swallow us all? (photo: An example of the possibility of a metaverse was rapper Travis Scott’s concert in the world of Fortnite. *** This text is from the archive issue of the magazine “Presse” – N°03-04/2021. Now we are making it available for full reading for … Read more

Virtual reality in business – how to prepare – Computerworld

Virtual and augmented reality tools will arrive in companies sooner than expected. IT departments must be prepared for these technological innovations. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality – simply understanding what these terms mean is often wrong. Meanwhile, in the short term, these technologies can have a significant impact on enterprise IT environments, from networks … Read more

In Poznań, they treat Alzheimer’s disease using virtual reality. VR technology as a way to re-educate and exercise memory

Nicole Mlodziejewska Alzheimer’s Association of Wielkopolskie charges use VR technology. This way they can move around in virtual worlds. As Andrzej Rossa, president of the association, says, it is an activity that improves the students’ mood and, in addition, has a positive effect on their memory. The Wielkopolska Alzheimer Association is located in a modern … Read more

Green Hell VR – first impressions of the game. Challenging, but also extremely addictive survival, perfect for VR goggles

Games on the Meta Quest 2 virtual reality goggles aren’t too cheap (anyway – what games are today?). Therefore, before buying one, I have a lot of resistance every time. Especially since their high price does not always rhyme with quality. Nevertheless, the May weekend is approaching and, as the weather in recent years has … Read more

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 – see all the previews of upcoming VR games. There’s something to wait

The second Oculus Gaming Showcase (actually Meta Gaming Showcase) announced a few weeks ago is behind us. The half-hour event was filled with game announcements, however omitting any information about hardware updates to Oculus glasses or the topic of purported next-gens. From the event we learned, first of all, some completely new productions intended mainly … Read more

The best VR games for PC and PlayStation VR horror fans in 2021 – PC World

Are you looking for interesting games for VR glasses? So we have a list of the best productions for people with strong nerves for you. photo: Maciej P {ersona / Virtual reality is no longer a pipe dream. Currently, players have access to a wide variety Virtual reality glasses and many games and programs … Read more

Metaverse in education: how can virtual reality help schools and universities?

photo: Photo of Vr game created by ViDIstudio – In an article on Cointelegraph, Mark Moeller explained in an accessible way what the Metaverse is and how it can be used in education. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution? What is the Metaverse? Metaverse can be defined as a … Read more